A comprehensive and versatile collection of tableware combining vitrified white porcelain with sustainably-sourced oak.


Classic handmade glasses and carafes, designed to meet all your needs for both serving and enjoying wine.


Mouthblown vases in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, accommodating all kinds of arrangements of flowers and foliage.


Subtly flared stems, tapering forms and thick bases add distinctive detail to this new collection of handmade gin glasses and serving accessories


Display flowers or stationery or hold books between these vase duos, designed with curved and flat surfaces to be paired back to back or used individually.


Collect jewellery , display sweets or tea and organise stationery with this new collection of containers made from ash wood and mouthblown glass. 


Tilt, turn and twist these spherical vases to any angle on their moulded ash wood bases and create innovative arrangements


These sets of 8 versatile balloon glasses have generous spherical bowls, designed for serving drinks or individual desserts. 


Inspired by the delicate colours of sorbet, each tumbler in this collection is handpainted with iridescent lustre and encircled with gold at the rim.


An extensive range of complementary tableware pieces and accessories are all individually handpainted with a sheer mother of pearl lustre. 


Ideal for parties, casual gatherings and gifts, this collection includes an assortment of hollow stemmed flutes hand-decorated with stylish spiral detail.


Glasses and coasters slot into Nomad's portable plywood holders for simple storage and original presentation of spirits, mixed drinks and beer.


Create your own cocktail bar at home with with collection of specialist glasses, serving pieces and accessories - all handmade from high quality glass.


Handpainted with assorted pastel or metallic lustres, Polka adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to every occasion.


Master the art of presentation with this collection of handmade glass and natural oak serving pieces for all kinds of savoury dishes.


A unique series of heavy, organically-shaped vases inspired by the natural geological formations of ore, lava and salt


A collection of complementary mouthblown drinkware pieces with Baroque-inspired silhouettes, handpainted in three precious metallic lustres.


Encircled with a thick glass rim, the distinctive foot adds a vintage-inspired detail to this modern collection of mouthblown lanterns and dishes.


Characterised by its distinctive weight and balanced proportions, Moya is a hallmakrk LSA International collection and a favourite on gift lists.


Inspired by mountain bars where schnapps are served on wooden boards, Paddle includes serving pieces and drinkware designed for relaxed entertaining.


Embellished with an eclectic mix of décors, this collection is inspired by the linear motifs and metallic finishes of the Art Deco era. 


Original and unique, Ono's hole-shaped handles are crafted by skilled artisans who pierce the glass whilst it's still hot.


Sinuous curves and thick stems give the ever-popular Elina a distinctive aesthetic and high quality finish.


Launched in celebration of our 50th anniversary, Utility is a series of mixed material designs for serving, storage and display.


Designed for the discerning whisky drinker, this modern collection of handmade glass decanters and glasses are paired with solid walnut accessories.


Elegant and understated Savoy includes handmade stemware for wine and champagne, in clear glass or handpainted with a platinum rim.


Mouthblown glass and white porcelain contrast with the texture of natural ash in this design-led collection of serving pieces, vases and lanterns.


A timeless design of exceptional quality, Boris has a thick base and fine rim - possible only through expert hand-production techniques.


Mouthblown glass, natural ash and hand-knotted leather give the Ivalo collection of serving pieces a minimalist aesthetic.


High-quality, handmade cylindrical vases and lanterns in practical sizes, suited to a wide variety of uses.


Lightweight and stackable, this collection of practical tumblers is suitable for everyday use and casual dining.


Natural cork and untreated oak give texture to this comprehensive range of drinkware, serveware and accessories, mouthblown from 100% recycled glass.


The fine lines and the delicate texture of Aurelia's optic effect enhances the reflective qualities of the handmade glass.


Vibrant, handmade Asher tumblers are available in a spectrum of ten rich colours - offering endless choice for everyday style and versatility.


The winner of two prestigious design awards, this innovative collection of handmade stackable vases is available in clear or coloured glass.


In palettes of lagoon blue, berry red and leaf green, Coro's assorted colourways inject fun and style to any occasion.


A distinctive collection of mixed material designs combining mouthblown glass, matte black wood and brass. 


Edged with rose gold, this collection of handmade drinkware is inspired by the geometric shapes and opulent metallics of the Art Deco era


An eclectic mix of assorted shapes for cocktails, champagne, spirits and more - Lulu includes handmade glasses for all occasions.


The weight and quality of handmade glass are brought together in this luxurious collection of drinkware and accessories.


Mouthblown and gently squashed by hand using wooden tools, this collection of organically-shaped vases captures the malleable form of hot glass.


Contemporary statement vases with structural silhouettes, inspired by the varying shapes of chimneys and handmade by glass craftsmen.


Reminiscent of apothecary jars, each mouthblown vase has thick walls and a jar-like neck sculpted by hand using wooden tools. 


Vienna's variety of mouthblown cakestands, plates and domes & covers and cloches allows you to display and serve all manner of foods from cheeses to gateaux.


Inspired by modern city bars, this collection of mouthblown barware includes architectural shapes and thick square coasters made from solid walnut.


Create impactful displays with this comprehensive and collectible range of handmade vases in a selection of colours, shapes and sizes.


Use individually or in combination to add pops of colour with this range of handmade tealight holders, supplied with tealight candles.


Create ambience indoors and out with this collection of classic handmade storm lanterns - all supplied with corresponding candles.


Host bowls have a timeless design with thick walls and an impressive weight, mouthblown from glass of exceptional clarity and quality. 


Ranging from miniature to oversized and available in clear glass and gradated colours, this collection of vases and lanterns is inspired by bottles and jars.


A contemporary mouthblown glass jug with a scissor-cut, chip-resistant rim, available in clear glass or a range of ten bold colours. 


Sophisticated, elegant and with a hint of glamour, this exceptional collection of tall-stemmed, handmade drinkware captures the spirit of celebration. 


A handmade collection of clear and coloured vases inspired by architectural structures. Combine to build a skyline of varying heights and proportions. 


Inspired by the classic hip-flask design, these mouthblown decanters are fitted with hand-ground stoppers.


With a versatile spherical shape in a range of sizes, Globe vases can be used formal or casual arrangements or floating displays. 


Characterised by angular forms with clean lines, Otis drinkware is handmade with a minimal, modernist aesthetic.


Launched in celebration of our 50th anniversary, Circle's mixed material designs are a modern interpretation of traditional tableware.


A collection of contemporary serving domes and bowls combining mouthblown glass with solid walnut, available in a range of sizes.


Inspired by winter scenes from a mountain village, snow-capped peaks frame pine tree, wooden chalets, horse-drawn sleighs and off-piste ski tracks. 


Featuring spirals, stripes and spots of black, Jazz's distinctive assorted decorations add style and personality to cocktail parties and table settings.


With a solid stem and thick, disc-like base, Klara is a collection of contemporary handmade cakestands for cakes, biscuits, meringues and more


Modern and authoritative Otto vases are individually handmade and hand-finished by skilled artisans from thick glass of the highest quality.


Pleated, twisted and fine optics placed in the glassblower's mould give each this range of handmade vases their ribbed or fluted surface. 


With carefully balanced curves creating elegantly proportioned silhouettes, refined and modern Olivia has a timeless aesthetic.


A series of vases, lanterns and tealight holders with flecked decor, inspired by the dappled effect of tortoiseshell.


The ultimate party centrepiece for celebrations and weddings, these sets of ten champagne saucers are designed to be stacked in a tiered tower.


Capturing the natural beauty of loosely woven linen, each vase and platter is handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans to produce the unique decor.


Inspired by the threads of raw spun silk, strands and layers of coloured glass are interlaced and encased within each vase's thick, mouthblown glass walls.


At 30-40cm high, these table centrepieces are ideal for celebratory occasions, offering a unique way to display flowers, sweets or candles.


Each fitted with a hand-ground stopper, this series of mouthblown teardrop decanters features handpainted metallic accents for a touch of elegance.


Elevated on wooden stilts, this original and stackable collection includes a range of serving pieces and decorative accessories.


Inspired by the glamorous parties of the roaring twenties, Gatsby glasses are mouthblown then handpainted with four assorted platinum decorations.


Handmade and fitted with a hand ground stopper, this masculine, bold design makes a statement in any drinks cabinet.


Versatile and practical tumblers and highballs with thick rounded bases, suitable for everyday use and for more special occasions.


A complex decoration of gold and platinum wrap around each glass in the Cocoon collection, mirroring the natural lustre of spun silk.


A king amongst cakestands, Konstantin is a handmade centrepiece for presenting and serving the grandest of gateaux.


Hundreds of overlapping grey and white flecks are cased within the walls of these spherical vases, recreating the closely knitted texture of tweed fabric.


Simple and classic lines in heavy, mouthblown glass give this decanter a masculine edge.


Available in three sizes, the simple modern shape of Verona is enhanced by its thick, clear walls and sumptuous heavy base. 


Mouthblown from clear glass of the highest quality and finished with a scissor-cut rim, Tapered jugs can be used for iced water, punch, cocktails or soft drinks.


For use as a vase or lantern, skilled artisans create Twill's pleated texture and dots of colour, recreating the intricate stitching of fabric.


Inspired by the woven horizontal and vertical bands of tartan fabric, broad stripes of translucent grey and opaque white are layered within each vase's walls.