For The Connoisseur

Whisky catalogue

Whether they enjoy blended scotch from the Scottish Highlands or prefer single malts aged in oak barrels, the connoisseur is sure to appreciate the master art of whisky production. Echoing the time honoured traditions of whisky distillation, our new collection of specialist whisky drinkware has been mouthblown using centuries old techniques. Solid walnut accessories accompany glasses and decanters with heavy bases – presented in luxury, bespoke gift boxing for the discerning whisky drinker.

Whisky Set

WHISKY SETS The ultimate sets for whisky aficionados, combining specialist, complementary drinkware designs with hand-finished walnut pieces.

Whisky Tumblers

TUMBLERS Conical, tapered and cylindrical shapes with thick bases, mouthblown from high quality glass and paired with oiled walnut coasters.

Whisky Decanter

DECANTERS Three designs complement the assortment of tumbler shapes and each stopper is ground by hand to fit within the neck of the individual decanter. NOSING GLASSES Designed to concentrate the flavour of fine quality whisky for specialist tasting. Handmade glass covers capture and preserve the aromas inside the glass.