Serve Cocktails In Style

SERVE COCKTAILS IN STYLE Join in the company of the world’s top mixologists and serve cocktails in style with our original drinkware and serving accessories. Shop our edit to discover distinctive designs across martini glasses, highballs, mixer tumblers, cocktail paddles and more… LULU Assorted geometric shapes for the creative presentation of cocktails and champagne, Lulu adds fun and personality to any occasion. MOYA Handmade drinkware with a modern, timeless design, Moya adds elegance to cocktail hour or formal dining. BAR Classic cocktail stemware and glasses for mixed drinks, jugs, punch bowls and ice buckets - the bar collection is designed to meet all needs for serving and enjoying drinks. CHARLESTON With four assorted hand cut decorations, Charleston is a contemporary update on the luxury of cut crystam. Ideal for adding a touch of vintage glamour to parties. PADDLE Inspired by mountain bars in the Tirol region, where schnapps is served on specially crafted wooden trays. Paddle offers an original serving solution for food and drinks. SHOP COCKTAIL & MARTINI