The Inner Sommelier

With London Wine Week back for another year, we have put together a short glass guide to help make the most of your favourite wines.

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Red Wine
Red wine demands a glass with a larger surface area to ensure that the wine is able to breathe, which helps soften the flavours and release aromas.

White Wine
White wine glasses are usually narrower than red wine glasses, allowing aromas to be released whilst maintaining a cooler temperature in the bowl. A smaller mouth means less oxidation, which keeps flavours clean.

Rosé Wine
A typical rosé wine glass has a short bowl and a flared lip, allowing the wine run out of the bowl and right onto the tip of the tongue where the taste buds are most sensitive to sweetness.



Champagne & Prosecco
Sparkling wine and champagne can be served in a flute, tulip or saucer.

The tall profile and narrow mouth of a champagne flute preserves carbonation, keeping the wine crisp and effervescent. The tulip shape has a wider bowl than the flute which allows more room for aeration, and therefore allows greater development of flavours and aromatics – ideal for special vintages or prestige cuvée champagne.

Also known as a coupe, the saucer is the oldest type of champagne glass, fashionable from the late 17th century and still admired today for its classic, elegant design. Although the wide, shallow bowl of the champagne saucer isn’t able to preserve the bubbles for as long as the flute or tulip, the glass adds a touch of vintage-inspired glamour to parties and can be stacked to form a champagne tower – a statement centrepiece for celebrations.



Dessert or Fortified Wine
Dessert and fortified wine glasses are smaller in size and shape to concentrate the aromas of sweet wines, allowing you to enjoy the complex flavours in a smaller serving.


Stemless Wine Glass
While the size of the bowl differs between glasses for red and white, the contemporary stemless design is more informal and practical, suited for every dining and relaxed suppers with friends.


Discovered your inner sommelier? Visit the London Wine Week website to join the celebration or recreate the merriment at home with our specialist wine glasses and carafes.

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