Whisky Cocktails

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Thought whisky was just for purists? Think again. From strong, spiced infusions to fragrant, fruity punches, shake up this traditional spirit with our exclusive whisky cocktail recipes – expertly blended and texted by a master mixologist.

Scotch Punch cocktail - LSA International


Scotch Punch

Serves 1

35ml Whisky
25ml Lychee juice
3 Raspberries
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Gomme
1 Edible flower
1 Raspberry

Fill the Islay tumbler with ice cubes. Add 3 raspberries to the shaker and muddle until they are puréed. Top with the whisky, lychee juice, lemon juice and gomme and shake vigorously (without ice) to blend all ingredients together. Pour over the ice in the glass and garnish with an open edible pansy flower and one raspberry.



Over A Barrel Over a Barrel - LSA International

Serves 1

35ml Whisky
20ml Coffee liqueur
10ml Vanilla liqueur
Dash Chocolate bitters
1 spiral Orange peel

Wet the rim of the Renfrew tumbler with vanilla liqueur and then dip in finely chopped chocolate. Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour over the whisky, coffee liqueur, vanilla liqueur and chocolate bitters. Stir for 15 seconds and garnish with a spiral of orange peel.