The comprehensive Mixologist collection enables you to create your own cocktail bar at home. Select handmade glassware from a wide assortment of designs for preparing, mixing and serving drinks. The range consists of modern drinkware with stepped silhouettes and thick stems, to serve an array of cocktails. Team with the collection’s cocktail tools, serveware and even a cocktail table. Boxed in atmospheric photographic packaging, items from the collection would make an ideal gift for any aspiring mixologist.

Discover your inner mixologist with our capsule collection of cocktail recipes, developed in conjunction with a master mixologist and designed to distil the art of cocktail making at home.

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  1. Cocktail Mixer Jug
    Cocktail Mixer Jug
  2. Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
    Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
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