Designing & Making


The design process for each of our products is based on the desire to create objects that are as beautiful to look at as they are a pleasure to use.

A deep understanding of the qualities of raw materials and a unique affinity with artisan dexterity combine through a complex process to transform designs into finished products which capture the essence of simplicity in their form and function. 


Designer & Creative Director Monika Lubkowska-Jonas draws inspiration from the artisan techniques used in mouthblown glass production and is influenced by her love of interiors and entertaining, design and nature.

Monika begins by sketching each product by hand. These rough sketches are are translated into technical drawings, which inform the brief for production.

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Bespoke wooden moulds are created, based on Monika's initial drawings. Skilled artisans mouthblown molten glass into each mould to shape the product. Finishing is performed by hand using a number of traditional techniques, including scissor cutting and fire polishing.

Decorating can be performed by hand, such as handpainting and cutting against a spinning diamond wheel.

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