Frequently Asked Questions

Product care

How should LSA International glass be washed?
Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth, do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

How can I remove LSA International stickers from my glasses?
We recommend using fresh lemon juice to rub over the area that has been labelled, before gently washing the item in warm water with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can try a food-safe alcohol such as clear vodka to dissolve the adhesive.

Shipping queries

Will the price of my order be printed on or included anywhere in the package?
Neither price stickers nor invoices are included in your parcel, just the order confirmation (‘dispatch note’) which only lists the contents of your order. This means that orders can be sent directly to recipients as gifts.

How is my order shipped?
Orders in the UK are shipped by the courier Parcelforce. International orders in Europe will also use GLS. Delivery times can be from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to our domestic UK market and mainland Europe. You can find a list of countries we deliver to on our deliveries page http://www.lsa-international.com/delivery-returns/

Product information

What causes bubbles to appear in handmade glass products?

Occasionally, when the raw materials are melted, small bubbles of air can get trapped within the molten glass and these than can sometimes be seen in the finished product. This is a natural and unique part of the handmade process. Find out more about our handmade glass here >

Is there any lead in LSA International glass?
Our handmade glass is produced from soda-lime glass - which is lead free, unlike crystal. The ingredients are made up primarily of sand, soda ash and lime. Our recycled glassware range, Mia, is made form 100% recycled bottles and jars.

Is LSA International glass heatproof?
No - to create heatproof glass, a special chemical must be added to the mix of raw materials. LSA International glass is soda-lime glass. Find out more about our handmade glass here >

How should LSA International porcelain be washed?
Plain white porcelain and in-glaze decors is dishwasher safe. Our hand-decorated porcelain should be hand washed. Always consult the backstamp on the base of product for our porcelain care instructions. 

Can LSA International porcelain be used in the microwave?
Only plain white porcelain can be used in microwaves. Do not use any product with metallic or lustre finishes in the microwave. Always consult the backstamp on the base of product or our website for our porcelain care instructions.