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Planter H45cm

A mixed-material floor planter with a wide and generous mouth-blown bowl and powder-coated steel column base.
Jet Black
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A collection of floor and desk planters based on the principles of biophilic design and inspired by abundant roof gardens and terraces.


A two-part floor planter with a mouth-blown glass planting bowl and a powder-coated steel base. An open channel in the steel base exposes the plant roots to the right amount of light, whilst lending the design an appearance of lightness. The height allows elevation for trailing plants to hang, and is also suitable for growing indoor bulbs, herbs and plants.

  • Contemporary mixed material design for indoor planting
  • Floor standing design for elevating plants
  • Mouth-blown glass bowl
  • Powder-coated steel base with open channel
  • Staggered modern profile
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Powder-coated steel base

Mouth-blown glass bowl