Designer & Creative Director

With a refined and intuitive sense of design, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, daughter of Mr Janusz Lubkowski, one of the co-founders of LSA International, has been our Creative Director for over 20 years.

Self-taught and inspired by many different things from the world of nature to the history of design, Monika's boundless creativity extends far beyond the designing of 250 new products a year to our gift packaging, imagery and the whole look and feel of LSA International. Her eye for simplicity in design and presentation is greatly enhanced by an innate ability to inject style and interest with touches of colour, texture, a unique sense of proportion and, of course, that most elusive ingredient, originality.

And thanks to Monika being the company's sole and exclusive designer, our collection has a coherence and reassuring continuity that helps it retain many of its distinguishing features; quiet elegance yet with flashes of wit, a uniquely creative use of colour and texture, original yet practical design and an enduring sense of value.

Monika's Polish heritage also plays an important and integral role in the crucial early stages of the product development process. Her intimate knowledge and understanding of glass making enable her to design in a way that plays to the strengths of the techniques available. This combination of her natural flair for design and a deep appreciation of the glassblower's artisan skills results in a uniquely creative environment from which so many of LSA's successful products are born.