Spoil him with a gift-boxed, handmade decanter, a pair of fine Cognac glasses or a unique set of champagne stemware. Explore our gift guide for further inspiration or shop the edit of gifts below.

  1. Aurelia (1)
  2. Bar (23)
  3. Boris (5)
  4. City (1)
  5. Dine (8)
  6. Elina (2)
  7. Flask (1)
  8. Host (1)
  9. Ivalo (3)
  10. Lotta (3)
  11. Lulu (1)
  12. Madrid (5)
  13. Mia (2)
  14. Moya (8)
  15. Ono (3)
  16. Paddle (6)
  17. Polka (2)
  18. Quad (1)
  19. Sergio (1)
  20. Serve (5)
  21. Vienna (1)
  22. Whisky (12)
  23. Wine (12)
  24. Maxi (1)
  25. Tower (1)
  26. Circle (5)
  27. Modular (1)
  28. Otis (2)
  29. Utility (5)
  30. Prosecco (1)
  31. Gin (5)
  32. Pleat (1)
  33. Plant (1)
  34. Mixologist (12)
  1. Amber (3)
  2. Assorted (4)
  3. Black (3)
  4. Blue (5)
  5. Bronze (3)
  6. Brown (6)
  7. Clear (114)
  8. Clear/wood (1)
  9. Gold (1)
  10. Green (2)
  11. Grey (3)
  12. Leather (2)
  13. Orange (6)
  14. Orange  (1)
  15. Pearl (2)
  16. Pink (1)
  17. Platinum (2)
  18. Recycled (2)
  19. White (16)
  20. Wood (42)
  1. Enamel (1)
  2. Glass (116)
  3. Mixed materials (46)
  4. Porcelain (17)

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  1. Cocktail Stirrers x 4
    Cocktail Stirrers x 4
    Length: 16.5cm (approx)
    Four clear glass cocktail stirrers, handmade by skilled artisans. Ideal for mixing a range of cocktails and the ideal accompaniement to the Mixologist Cocktail Highball. Combine with items of drinkware and serveware from the collection to create a well equiped cocktail bar at home. Presented in stylish photographic packaging.
  2. Highball x 2
    Highball x 2
    Practical, handmade highball glasses in amber, sapphire, slate and clear glass. Form meets function in this collection of modern drinkware designed to sit alongside other glass and mixed material designs in the Utility collection, for serving, storage and display.
  3. Cocktail Toolkit
    Cocktail Toolkit
    This cocktail tool kit is as stylish as it is practical making it an essential component of any home cocktail bar. Consisting of tongs for ice and fruit, a muddler, a citrus reamer and a miniature chopping board, the kit addresses all aspects of cocktail preparation. Each tool hangs on a contemporary wooden frame by a leather toggle. Packaged in a high quality photographic box, making it the ideal gift for the aspiring mixologist.
  4. Cocktail Mixer Set
    Cocktail Mixer Set
    A combination set of the essential glasses and tools for creating a wide range of cocktails, consisting of a cocktail jug and long stirrer, two highball glasses, two balloon glasses, two Martini glasses, an ice bucket and tongs and two additional stirrers. Use the cocktail jug and stirrer to mix your drink before selecting the ideal glass to serve your creation in. This comprehensive set would make an attractive gift or allow you to build your own cocktail bar at home. Boxed in atmospheric photographic packaging.
  5. Set & Ash Base
    Set & Ash Base
    12 x 41cm
    Set on an ash wood base, this set includes containers inspired by architectural structures. Handmade from high quality glass with heavy bases and thick walls, the minimal silhouettes can be used to store stationery, serve tapas or display plants and flowers.
  6. craft beer glass x 2
    craft beer glass x 2
    Mouthblown from high quality glass, LSA International's BAR craft beer glass has a stemmed design and generous bowl for serving ales, lagers and pilsners. Wrapped in LSA International tissue paper and presented in photographic packaging, this pair of glasses makes an ideal gift for the craft beer enthusiast.
  7. Cocktail Ice Set
    Cocktail Ice Set
    This contemporary cocktail set consists of 2 tumblers, 2 balloon glasses and an ice bucket with wooden tongs. Begin your home cocktail bar with these essential pieces or combine with other items from the Mixologist collection for a truly comprehensive cocktail bar. This set is packaged in high quality atmospheric packaging, making this an ideal gift.
  8. decanter
    The weight, finish and design of this handmade decanter simply exude quality and style which, presented as it is in a beautiful giftbox, makes it the finest of gifts.
  9. red wine goblet x 4
    red wine goblet x 4
    These magnificently generous, tall-stemmed wine goblets are fit for centre stage. Handmade, and with exceptional clarity, they make a wonderful gift.
  10. Cocktail Tumbler x 2
    Cocktail Tumbler x 2
    These contemporary handmade cocktail tumblers are ideal for short drinks. Designed with a modern stepped silhouette, these tumblers complement other pieces of drinkware and serveware in the Mixologist collection to help you build your own cocktail bar at home. Gift-boxed in atmospheric photographic packaging.
  11. Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Sitting on a wooden base, this tapas set includes seven mouthblown glass beakers of varying heights and sizes. Each one has a hand-formed spout for pouring sauces and oils or serving hors d’oeuvres and tapas.
  12. Cocktail Table
    Cocktail Table
    Display your collection of cocktail glasses, jugs, liqueur bottles and tools on this stylish ash wood cocktail table to create your own cocktail bar at home. The Mixologist Table is fitted with leather straps and features two removable trays - one inlaid with cork for non-slip serving. Choose a selection of drinkware and serveware from the Mixologist collection to display on the table to build a stylish, contemporary bar in your home. Packaged in atmospheric, photographic packaging.
  13. dome & walnut base
    dome & walnut base
    The broad curves and slanting sides of this handmade glass dome taper towards a solid walnut base, oiled to protect the wood and enhance the texture of the grain. City domes are available in a range of sizes to build a nesting set.
  14. wine balloon glass x 4
    wine balloon glass x 4
    These elegant, tall-stemmed balloon wine glasses are fit for centre stage. Handmade, gift-boxed, and with exceptional clarity, they make a wonderful gift too.
  15. Pot & Oak Base
    Pot & Oak Base
    This handmade, clear glass plant pot and oak base is a modern twist on the classic shape of a flowerpot. Designed to complement the plants it houses, this pot is ideally suited to housing cacti, ferns, moss and succulents. Create your own indoor display with other pots and planters in the Plant collection, or give as an attractive gift.
  16. bowl set & paddle
    bowl set & paddle
    Designed for the contemporary presentation of nuts, olives or a trio of sauces, this bowl set is designed to add fun and style to entertaining. Made from sustainably sourced wood, the paddle has six specially crafted indents to securely nestle the porcelain dishes for serving. Combine with black Paddle drinkware or serveware to create a coordinated set for entertaining.
  17. long drink set
    long drink set
    1.6L, 250ml
    Designed by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, the Bar Collection Long Drink Set is perfect for parties and celebrations all year round. Fill with Pimms, Mojitos or your favourite cocktail and serve in the stylish mouthblown glasses. Presented in luxurious gift-boxing for the ideal present.
  18. martini glass x 4
    martini glass x 4
    Whether shaken or stirred, our elegantly shaped martini glasses are luxuriously handmade, ideal for the classic cocktail. Gift-boxed in sets of four.
  19. renfrew tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
    Named after the historic Scottish town of Renfrew, this tumbler is expertly mouthblown to create its cylindrical form and heavy, rounded base. Hand-finished, solid walnut coasters accomapany each glass. The pair is gift boxed in premium packaging to make an ideal gift for the discerning whisky drinker. Combine with the complementary Renfrew decanter to create a bespoke set.
  20. coffee cup & saucer x 4
    coffee cup & saucer x 4
    Hand-painted with lustres in four assorted metallic colours, these gift-boxed espresso cups & saucers, with their platinum adorned rims and handles, instantly add a touch of sophisticated glamour.
  21. vodka set & paddle
    vodka set & paddle
    A contemporary, mixed material vodka set designed to add fun and style to entertaining. Made from sustainably sourced wood, the paddle has six specially crafted indents to securely nestle the vodka glasses for serving. Combine with Paddle serveware to create a coordinated entertaining set.
  22. Red Wine Glass x 4
    Red Wine Glass x 4
    Hand-drawn stems elevate the straight-sided, cylindrical bowls of these glasses. The geomteric shape offers contemporary presentation for wine or desserts.
  23. pilsner glass x 2
    pilsner glass x 2
    This mouthblown pilsner glass has a classic stemmed design, elegant silhouette and tapered bowl to capture the effervescent bubbles. Gift boxed in pairs they make a fine gift for beer aficionados and are suitable for entertaining or casual dining,
  24. olive set
    olive set
    Serve a selection of hors d'oeuvres elegantly with three porcelain pots nestled in a soft-grained ash base filled perhaps with olives, bread sticks, hummus or creamy Middle Eastern aubergine dips. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  25. plate & dome
    plate & dome
    Practical and attractive, this contemporary plate and dome takes care of cakes and cheeses alike while the main course is in full swing. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  26. tumbler x 2
    tumbler x 2
    Designed to nestle comfortably in the hand, these high-quality tumblers of mouthblown glass enhance a dram or two of whiskey. Elegantly gift-wrapped in pairs.
  27. decanter
    Enhance the pleasure of pouring a whiskey with this substantial handmade decanter of classic style. Elegant gift packaging makes it a memorable present.
  28. arran tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
    Named after the Scottish Isle of Arran, these tumblers are expertly mouthblown and hand-finished. The conical shape and carefully balanced proportions are anchored by a heavy, rounded base. Gift boxed in premium packaging, the set is accompanied by a solid walnut coasters. Create a complete set with the Whisky Arran decanter.
  29. Board Ash & Leather Handle
    Board Ash & Leather Handle
    Made from sustainably sourced ash and finished with a leather handle, this mixed material design can be used as a cheese board or wooden serving platter for charcuterie, bread or antipasti.
  30. dome & ash base
    dome & ash base
    Natural ash, mouthblown glass and hand-knotted, natural leather create a balance of texture and tone that complements the Ivalo collection's high-quality finish and minimalist style. Create an attractive display with the largest of the set - fill with your favourite cheeses or showcase any of your favourite objects. Presented in stylish gift packaging.
  31. beer tankard
    beer tankard
    Pure simplicity, classic style and enduring quality make this beer tankard a most desirable gift. Individually wrapped in LSA International tissue this tankard is presented in photographic packaging.
  32. cocktail glass x 2
    cocktail glass x 2
    For Martinis and more - these handmade, mouthblown glasses are perfect for a wide range of cocktails. A set of two glasses are presented in photographic packaging.
  33. duck carafe
    duck carafe
    Make a statement with this handmade, mouthblown carafe. The distinct shape, unique, crafted hole and elegant gift-box make this a remarkable decanter and gift.
  34. Tumbler x 2
    Tumbler x 2
    Form meets function with these modern, handmade tumblers available in amber, sapphire, slate and clear glass. The ideal companion to the highballs and jug in the same design and colour. Team with other items in the Utility collection of glass and mixed material designs for serving, storage and display.
  35. cocktail glass x 2
    cocktail glass x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic cocktail glasses, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a hint of retro decadence and modern-day glamour to the cocktail hour.
  36. islay connoisseur set
    islay connoisseur set
    1L, 250ml
    Designed for the whisky connoisseur, this set combines a series of handmade pieces with clean, contemporary lines for a modern interpretation of traditional whisky drinkware. Tumblers, a jug and decanter have tapered shapes and commanding heavy bases. Handmade covers accompany the nosing glasses for specialist tasting. The set includes hand-finished, solid walnut accessories, echoing the maturation of single malts in aged wooden casks. The set is presented in luxury, premium packaging to make an exceptional gift for discerning whisky drinkers.
  37. circle dish
    circle dish
    Simple and practical, the smaller compartment of this dish is ideal for containing cocktail sticks for olives or fruit served in the neighbouring compartment. Gift-boxed.
  38. water/wine serving set
    water/wine serving set
    The Paddle Water/Wine serving set is designed for serving wine or water at parties or at the dinner table. Six stemless glasses nestle in the hand-finished natural oak board. A specially-crafted indent in the centre of the paddle holds a bottle in place for contemporary serving throughout the year. Presented in photographic packaging.
  39. Teapot & Ash Handle
    Teapot & Ash Handle
    Combining vitrified porcelain with natural ash, the teapot has a crescent-shaped wooden handle providing a distinctive way to serve tea or herbal infusions. Pair with the Circle jug and sugar bowl to complete the set.
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