For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Aurelia (8)
  2. Bar (24)
  3. Basis (2)
  4. Boris (6)
  5. City (3)
  6. Dine (12)
  7. Elina (3)
  8. Flask (1)
  9. Flower (6)
  10. Gio (1)
  11. Ivalo (12)
  12. Julia (1)
  13. Klara (1)
  14. Lotta (6)
  15. Lulu (5)
  16. Madrid (6)
  17. Mia (2)
  18. Moya (9)
  19. Ono (5)
  20. Paddle (8)
  21. Polka (9)
  22. Pyramid (1)
  23. Quad (1)
  24. Sergio (1)
  25. Serve (15)
  26. Vienna (3)
  27. Whisky (12)
  28. Wine (15)
  29. Column (3)
  30. Savoy (3)
  31. Celebrate (1)
  32. Otis (3)
  33. Utility (2)
  34. Deco (5)
  35. Pearl (2)
  36. Prosecco (2)
  37. Balloon (2)
  38. Gin (11)
  39. Wine Culture (4)
  40. Mixologist (8)
  41. Bar Culture (5)
  42. Whisky Cut (4)
  43. Gio Line (1)
  1. Clear (5)
  2. White (10)
  3. Wood (4)

  1. Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
    Cocktail Jug & Stirrer

    Now £27.00


    This contemporary cocktail jug has a stepped silhouette and is provided with a stirrer for mixing and serving cocktails. Create your own cocktail bar at home with Mixologist's comprehensive range of drinkware, serveware and tools. Mouthblown by skilled glass artisans and presented in stylish photographic packaging.
  2. oak toast rack set
    oak toast rack set
    This hand-finished, gift-boxed, oak toast rack set allows you to serve all kinds of artisan breads in style with two condiment dishes for butter and your favourite preserves.
  3. Cocktail Connoisseur Set
    Cocktail Connoisseur Set

    Now £171.00


    Create your own cocktail bar at home with this comprehensive 22-piece set of Mixologist glasses, tools and serveware. Each glass is handmade by a skilled artisan and designed for a wide range of cocktails. Pair with the Mixologist Cocktail Table to create a well-stocked drinks table in your home. The stylish Cocktail Connoisseur Set is presented in atmospheric, photographic packaging, making it an impressive gift for the drinks enthusiast or the host.
  4. White Wine Glass x 4
    White Wine Glass x 4
    A pair of angular wine glasses with a minimal, modernist design. Hand drawn stems elevate straight sided, cylindrical bowls. The geometric shape offers contemporary presentation for entertaining.
  5. Champagne Flute x 4
    Champagne Flute x 4
    The geometric shape of these handmade cylindrical flutes offers contemporary presentation for champagne or prosecco.
  6. Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4
    The angular, cylindrical design of these handmade glasses have a modern aesthetic, ideal for serving cocktails, champagne or desserts.
  7. bowl & oak servers
    bowl & oak servers
    The perfect blend of style and function, this generously proportioned bowl is accompanied by hand-finished oak servers, and presented in stylish gift packaging.
  8. pasta plate x 4
    pasta plate x 4
    From the grandest seafood tagliatelle to the simplest spaghetti, pasta dishes will be enhanced by these classic porcelain pasta plates with their elegant deep rim. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  9. oval platter
    oval platter
    L32cm W23cm
    From starters to share, fresh salads with a main course or desserts at the meal's close, these oval porcelain platters will allow endless possibilities for presenting your favourite dishes. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  10. lunch/breakfast plate x 4
    lunch/breakfast plate x 4
    With a diameter of 25cm, these versatile classic porcelain plates are ideal for lighter meals, lunch or for starters on more formal occasions. Luxuriously gift-boxed in a set of four.
  11. butter dish & lid
    butter dish & lid
    The natural oak lid, with smooth edges and soft grain, complements the white porcelain base to create a stylish addition to breakfast, lunch or supper. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  12. tiered cakestand
    tiered cakestand

    Now £38.50


    Combining porcelain and untreated oak, this original cakestand is a sophisticated take on a classic design. Presented in luxurious, high quality gift packaging.
  13. oval platter
    oval platter
    L42cm W29cm
    This generously-sized, versatile oval porcelain platter is a stylish way to serve food at larger family gatherings and elegant dinner parties. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  14. fruit/serving bowl
    fruit/serving bowl
    Ideal for brightly coloured fruit or for serving large, fresh salads. Presented in high quality gift packaging.
  15. tea/coffee cup x 4
    tea/coffee cup x 4
    With an elegant yet comfortable design, these curved porcelain cups and saucers are ideally suited for all times of day and evening. Luxuriously gift-boxed in a set of four.
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