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For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Asher (1)
  2. Basis (1)
  3. Paddle (3)
  4. Polka (3)
  5. Sorbet (3)
  6. Bangle (2)
  1. Amber (3)
  2. Assorted (13)
  3. Black (7)
  4. Blue (9)
  5. Bronze (6)
  6. Brown (7)
  7. Clear (222)
  8. Clear/cut (4)
  9. Clear/wood (1)
  10. Copper (6)
  11. Gold (20)
  12. Green (12)
  13. Grey (4)
  14. Metallic (4)
  15. Orange (1)
  16. Orange  (1)
  17. Pastel (3)
  18. Pearl (5)
  19. Pink (11)
  20. Platinum (15)
  21. Purple (7)
  22. Recycled (2)
  23. Red (1)
  24. White (3)
  25. Wood (43)
  26. Yellow (5)

  1. tumbler
    Vibrant and refreshing Asher is perfect for everyday - from relaxed suppers to social gatherings. In a range of hues, Asher makes a colourful addition to the table for year-round entertaining.
  2. Tumbler X 2
    Tumbler X 2
    Inspired by the delicate colours of sorbet, each tumbler is handpainted with iridescent lustre and encircled with gold at the rim. Mix with the other colours in the collection to create an assorted set for entertaining.
  3. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    Handpainted by skilled artisans with iridescent lustres in blue, green, yellow and pink, this assorted set is designed for cocktail parties or desserts and sorbets at dinner. Gift boxed in a set of four.
  4. vodka serving set & paddle
    vodka serving set & paddle
    The Paddle Vodka Serving Set is inspired by mountain bars in the Tirol, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially-crafted wooden trays. Twelve vodka glasses and an ice bucket are securely nestled in a solid wooden board for distinctive presentation. The paddle has a comfortable handle and solid base for serving.
  5. tumbler x 4
    tumbler x 4
    With a hand-painted pearl lustre that gently catches the light these stylish tumblers in four assorted pastel colours ooze vintage elegance. Gift-boxed.
  6. jug
    With long elegant straight sides, gently curved rims and a pleasingly substantial weight, this contemporary jug will serve the thirsty hordes in style. Four new colours have been added for SS17: Olive, Peacock, Amber and Heather. Combine with our matching Asher tumblers.
  7. vodka set & paddle
    vodka set & paddle
    A contemporary, mixed material vodka set designed to add fun and style to entertaining. Made from sustainably sourced wood, the paddle has six specially crafted indents to securely nestle the vodka glasses for serving. Combine with Paddle serveware to create a coordinated entertaining set.
  8. wine glass x 4
    wine glass x 4
    With an illuminating hand-applied pearl lustre and luxurious vintage-inspired pastel colours these wine glasses are sure to be the talk of the party. Gift-boxed.
  9. Champagne Flute x 2
    Champagne Flute x 2
    An elegant champagne flute, handpainted with an iridescent lustre and encircled with gold at the rim. The colour of each flute is inspired by the delicate colours of sorbet and complements other drinkware and decorative items in the popular Sorbet collection. Boxed in pairs.
  10. Tumbler x 2
    Tumbler x 2
    Handpainted between two subtle lustres, a linear golden band encircles each tumbler - taking inspiration from the form of a polished bangle. Combine with other drinkware from the Bangle collection for sophisticated entertaining.
  11. Balloon Glass x 2
    Balloon Glass x 2
    A balloon glass with a generous bowl, encircled with gold at the rim. Each mouthblown glass is handpainted with a delicate lustre inspired by the subtle colours of sorbet. Designed to sit alongside complementary drinkware and decorative items in the popular Sorbet collection, to add a touch of iridescent colour to your table setting.
  12. Balloon Glass X 2
    Balloon Glass X 2
    Inspired by the form of a polished bangle, each balloon glass is handpainted with a linear golden band between two subtle lustres. A modern combination of metallic finishes for sophisticated entertaining.
  13. grand vodka set & paddle
    grand vodka set & paddle
    This grand vodka set is designed for distinctive serving at drinks parties. The hand-finished natural oak board securely nestles twelve vodka glasses in assorted colours and features two handles for serving with ease.
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