For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Asher (1)
  2. Aurelia (8)
  3. Bar (30)
  4. Basis (2)
  5. Boris (6)
  6. Bullet (1)
  7. City (3)
  8. Dine (16)
  9. Elina (4)
  10. Flask (1)
  11. Flower (6)
  12. Gio (3)
  13. Ivalo (13)
  14. Jazz (5)
  15. Julia (1)
  16. Klara (1)
  17. Lotta (9)
  18. Lulu (4)
  19. Madrid (6)
  20. Mia (3)
  21. Moya (12)
  22. Ono (5)
  23. Paddle (10)
  24. Polka (10)
  25. Pyramid (1)
  26. Quad (1)
  27. Sergio (1)
  28. Serve (22)
  29. Vienna (3)
  30. Whisky (12)
  31. Wine (19)
  32. Column (4)
  33. Savoy (5)
  34. Tower (1)
  35. Celebrate (1)
  36. Circle (1)
  37. Modular (1)
  38. Otis (4)
  39. Utility (3)
  40. Deco (10)
  41. Pearl (2)
  42. Prosecco (2)
  43. Balloon (2)
  44. Gin (13)
  45. Sorbet (3)
  46. Bangle (2)
  47. Pleat (3)
  48. Space (8)
  49. Tatra (5)
  50. Wine Culture (5)
  51. Mixologist (12)
  52. Bar Culture (5)
  53. Fir (1)
  54. Whisky Cut (4)
  1. Amber (3)
  2. Assorted (19)
  3. Black (9)
  4. Blue (11)
  5. Bronze (8)
  6. Brown (8)
  7. Clear (238)
  8. Clear/cut (5)
  9. Clear/wood (1)
  10. Copper (8)
  11. Gold (29)
  12. Green (12)
  13. Grey (4)
  14. Leather (3)
  15. Metallic (5)
  16. Orange (2)
  17. Orange  (2)
  18. Pastel (4)
  19. Pearl (6)
  20. Pink (13)
  21. Platinum (18)
  22. Purple (8)
  23. Recycled (3)
  24. Red (1)
  25. White (27)
  26. Wood (65)
  27. Yellow (6)
  1. Enamel (1)
  2. Glass (267)
  3. Leather (1)
  4. Mixed materials (72)
  5. Porcelain (29)
  6. Wood (2)

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  1. Balloon Glass Cut x 2
    Balloon Glass Cut x 2
    A pair of modern gin balloon glasses with hand-cut decoration and a subtly flared stem. The balloons have a wide, flattened bowl to enhance the aroma of the spirit's delicate botanicals. Mix with other pieces in this handmade collection to create a specialist gin bar. Presented in photographic packaging.
  2. Place Setting Set
    Place Setting Set
    A three-piece place setting set, including a dinner plate, side plate and bowl. Each piece is decorated with a thick band of gold or platinum. Inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars, Space offers a modern take on metallics for special occasion dining. Combine with drinkware designs in the collection to create a cohesive tablescape. Presented in photographic packaging.
  3. Ash Board & Leather Toggle Curve
    A contemporary natural ash wood board with hand-knotted leather toggle. Serve cheese and charcuterie, canap?s or bread and use the leather to hang your board up when not in use. Combine this modern, mixed material design with other pieces in the Ivalo collection as a contemporary way to serve food. Presented in photographic packaging.
  4. Champagne Serving Set
    Champagne Serving Set
    This sumptuous champagne serving set for six is suitable for grand celebrations and special gift occasions. The handmade champagne flutes have Moya's characteristically weighty stem and thick base. The mouthblown champagne bucket completes the set.
  5. Balloon Glass x 2
    Balloon Glass x 2
    A pair of gin balloon glasses with subtly flared, handpainted stems in copper, gold or platinum. The goblet has a wide flattened bowl to enhance the aroma of the spirit?s delicate botanicals. Combine with other pieces in the Gin collection to create a specialist bar. Presented in photographic packaging.
  6. Wine Glass x 2
    Wine Glass x 2
    A pair of handmade wine glasses with stepped conical bowls handpainted in gold or platinum. The Space collection is inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars. Combine with other pieces in the range of modern metallics to create a sophisticated setting for dining and drinks. Presented in photographic packaging.
  7. Cocktail Highball x 2
    Cocktail Highball x 2
    A pair of contemporary cocktail highballs with a distinctive stepped silhouette. Mouthblown by skilled glass artisans, these handmade glasses are designed to serve a range of long cocktails. Combine with other pieces of glassware and serveware from the Mixologist collection to create your own cocktail bar at home. Presented in stylish photographic packaging.
  8. Duo Dish
    Duo Dish
    An attractive yet practical dish with two segments, ideal for serving nuts and olives or a selection of chocolates after dinner. This dish is handmade by artisans and has a pleated texture to echo the gathering and folding of fabric. Combine with other Pleat serveware designs for striking presentation. Packaged in a photographic gift box.
  9. Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
    Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
    This contemporary cocktail jug has a stepped silhouette and is provided with a stirrer for mixing and serving cocktails. Create your own cocktail bar at home with Mixologist's comprehensive range of drinkware, serveware and tools. Mouthblown by skilled glass artisans and presented in stylish photographic packaging.
  10. Multi Platter
    Multi Platter
    A segmented circular platter with four large compartments around the edge, for crudites, antipasti or bread, and two segments in the middle for dips or sauces. This handmade clear glass platter sits alongside other pieces in the Serve collection, designed for all occasions. Gift boxed in high quality photographic packaging.
  11. Champagne Set (of 10)
    Champagne Set (of 10)
    When stacked in a tower this set of ten coupe-shaped glasses allows champagne to cascade from layer to layer Designed to hold one magnum of champagne or two standard bottles, creating a distinctive centrepiece for weddings and parties.
  12. Cocktail Balloon Glass x 2
    A pair of mouthblown balloon goblets with a generous capacity, ideal for a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks. Fill with lots of ice and your favourite tipple to create drinks such as Aperol spritz, fruit punch, sparkling cocktails or long ap?ritifs. A versatile addition to our best-selling Bar collection, presented in photographic packaging.
  13. tapas set & oak paddle
    tapas set & oak paddle
    The Paddle Tapas Set is designed for serving tapas or antipasti at drinks parties or at the dinner table. Seven high-quality porcelain dishes nestle in the hand-finished natural oak board for contemporary presentation throughout the year. Presented in photographic packaging.
  14. Jug
    A large capacity version of our best-selling Ono jug with its distinctive shape and signature curves - ideal for parties. The hole in the middle of the jug is formed by skilled artisans while the glass is still hot. Showcase the jug's sculptural design by filling with coloured liquid such as red wine or fruit juice. Presented in high quality photographic packaging.
  15. Dome & Oak Base
    Dome & Oak Base
    Inspired by pleated fabric, this textured glass dome and solid oak base make a striking centrepiece for your table. Suitable for displaying cakes or cheese, this dome could be combined with other Pleat serveware designs for impactful presentation.
  16. Cocktail Mixer Set
    Cocktail Mixer Set
    A combination set of the essential glasses and tools for creating a wide range of cocktails, consisting of a cocktail jug and long stirrer, two highball glasses, two balloon glasses, two Martini glasses, an ice bucket and tongs and two additional stirrers. Use the cocktail jug and stirrer to mix your drink before selecting the ideal glass to serve your creation in. This comprehensive set would make an attractive gift or allow you to build your own cocktail bar at home. Boxed in atmospheric photographic packaging.
  17. Multi Dish
    Multi Dish
    A handmade circular dish with four compartments. This versatile dish is ideal for serving nuts, olives, dips or a selction of chocolates after dinner. Handmade by skilled glass artisans, it complements the extensive range of platters and dishes in the Serve collection, designed for all occasions. Packaged in a photographic gift box.
  18. Ash Stand & Dome
    Ash Stand & Dome
    A miniature ash stand and mouthblown glass dome for displaying an individual sweet or savoury baked item, or special decorative trinket. The wooden stand is made from sustainably sourced ash and a natural leather toggle is threaded through the corresponding mouthblown glass dome and knotted by hand. Presented in photographic packaging.
  19. Serving Tray
    Serving Tray
    Serve canapes or drinks on this modern, mixed material tray. Like other pieces in the contemporary Ivalo collection this tray is made from sustainably sourced ash. The natural cork inlay provides a textured surface for carrying glasses or dishes more securely. Can also be used to display bottles, glasses and accessories on your sideboard. Presented in photographic packaging.
  20. Water/Wine Glass x 2
    Water/Wine Glass x 2
    A pair of mouthblown glasses for wine or water with a stepped conical base handpainted in platinum or gold. The Space collection is inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars, and offers modern metallics for sophisticated dining and drinks presentation. Presented in photographic packaging.
  21. Ash Board & Leather Toggle Point
    Serve cheese and charcuterie, canap?s or bread on this natural ash board. Hang from its hand knotted leather toggle to display the the mixed material design when not in use. Presented in photographic packaging.
  22. Champagne Flute x 2
    Champagne Flute x 2
    A pair of mouthblown champagne flutes with a band of gold or platinum at their stepped conical base. The Space collection is inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars, offering modern metallics for sophisticated dining and drinks presentation. Presented in photographic packaging.
  23. vodka set & paddle
    vodka set & paddle
    A contemporary, mixed material vodka set designed to add fun and style to entertaining. Made from sustainably sourced wood, the paddle has six specially crafted indents to securely nestle the vodka glasses for serving. Combine with Paddle serveware to create a coordinated entertaining set.
  24. Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Sitting on a wooden base, this tapas set includes seven mouthblown glass beakers of varying heights and sizes. Each one has a hand-formed spout for pouring sauces and oils or serving hors d’oeuvres and tapas.
  25. Grand Balloon Glass x 2
    Grand Balloon Glass x 2
    A pair of distinctive grand balloon glasses with a generous capacity for ice, gin and your preferred mixer. Designed with a subtly flared stem, thick foot and a wide flattened bowl to enhance the aroma of the spirit's delicate botanicals. Create your own specialist gin bar by combining with other pieces in this handmade collection. Presented in photographic packaging.
  26. Serving Tray
    Serving Tray
    A wooden tray made from sustainably sourced ash, inlaid with natural cork and finished with recessed handles. The modern, mixed material design can be used to serve food and drinks or display glasses and accessories. Presented in photographic packaging.
  27. Balloon Glass x 2
    Balloon Glass x 2

    The thick foot and subtly flared stem add distinctive detail to this gin balloon glass. Mouthblown by skilled artisans, it is designed with a wide bowl that will enhance the scent of gin's delicate botanicals. Mix with other pieces in this handmade collection to create a specialist gin bar.

    A contemporary shape for gin & tonic or for one of our original cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist. 

  28. Ash Board & Leather Toggle Radius
    A modern ash board with a hand-knotted leather toggle for hanging up and displaying the item when not in use. Create a cheese board, cut up charcuterie or bread or arrange canap?s on this versatile serving piece. Pair with other pieces in the Ivalo collection to create a cohesive, contemporary tabletop. Presented in photographic packaging.
  29. Grand Serving Set
    Grand Serving Set
    A luxurious champagne serving set that is suitable for 12. Featuring Moya's characteristically thick base and weighty stem, the handmade champagne flutes and dual champagne bucket are ideal for grand celebrations or as a special gift.
  30. champagne/cocktail glass x 4
    This champagne/cocktail glass set offers four assorted designs for stylish drinks presentation. Each glass is mouthblown and handmade in one of four sophisticated shapes to add originality to any cocktail party. Gift boxed in a set of four.
  31. whisky set
    whisky set
    1.6L, 250ml
    Designed to enhance the pleasure of entertaining at home, our Bar Collection Whisky Set is the perfect gift at any time of the year. The luxurious mouthblown decanter is paired with matching handmade tumblers and presented in photographic packaging.
  32. grand vodka set & paddle
    grand vodka set & paddle
    This grand vodka set is designed for distinctive serving at drinks parties. The hand-finished natural oak board securely nestles twelve vodka glasses in assorted colours and features two handles for serving with ease.
  33. champagne flute x 2
    champagne flute x 2
    A distinctive and modern handmade and mouthblown champagne flute, with a tapered waist that flares out to a pleasingly weighty base. Gift-boxed in pairs.
  34. cheese set & oak base
    cheese set & oak base
    A generously proportioned oak base, with subtle indentations to hold the mouthblown glass dome and serving bowl, is perfect for serving cheeses, crackers and chutneys. Elegantly gift-boxed.
  35. martini glass x 4
    martini glass x 4
    Whether shaken or stirred, our elegantly shaped martini glasses are luxuriously handmade, ideal for the classic cocktail. Gift-boxed in sets of four.
  36. cocktail glass x 4
    cocktail glass x 4
    Mix it up with these handmade and mouthblown cocktail glasses. Gift-boxed in assorted decors and ideal as a present - or for your own special occasions.
  37. jug
    The Ono jug's signature curves and hole are created by artisans who expertly mould the glass whilst it's still hot. The mouthblown jug's sculptural form is accentuated when filled with coloured drinks and is comfortable to hold and use. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  38. champagne saucer x 2
    champagne saucer x 2
    With their elegant and graceful silhouette, these handmade champagne saucers are perfect for adding understated glamour to any occasion. Gift-boxed in pairs.
  39. water & wine carafe set
    water & wine carafe set
    1.2L, 1.4L
    This set is designed for serving water and wine at the dinner table. Two specially-designed mouthblown carafes nestle in a natural wooden base made from FSC 100% certified oak. Each carafe has an angular lip for ease of pouring. The set is gift boxed in photographic packaging.
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