Find everything you need to host in style. Choose from serving domes, wine glasses, lanterns, cocktail accessories - and so much more.

  1. Asher (1)
  2. Aurelia (12)
  3. Bar (28)
  4. Basis (2)
  5. Boris (5)
  6. Bullet (2)
  7. City (10)
  8. Coro (2)
  9. Dine (22)
  10. Elina (7)
  11. Flask (2)
  12. Gio (1)
  13. Ivalo (12)
  14. Jazz (3)
  15. Julia (1)
  16. Klara (3)
  17. Konstantin (1)
  18. Light (3)
  19. Light Colour (1)
  20. Lotta (5)
  21. Lulu (5)
  22. Madrid (6)
  23. Mia (7)
  24. Moya (12)
  25. Ono (4)
  26. Paddle (11)
  27. Polka (18)
  28. Pyramid (2)
  29. Quad (1)
  30. Sergio (1)
  31. Serve (26)
  32. Una (2)
  33. Verona (1)
  34. Vienna (5)
  35. Whisky (12)
  36. Wine (19)
  37. Column (2)
  38. Savoy (4)
  39. Terrace (2)
  40. Tower (1)
  41. Celebrate (1)
  42. Circle (4)
  43. Modular (2)
  44. Otis (5)
  45. Utility (3)
  46. Soho (1)
  47. Deco (10)
  48. Pearl (2)
  49. Prosecco (2)
  50. Balloon (3)
  51. Gin (12)
  52. Sorbet (1)
  53. Bangle (3)
  54. Light Metallic (1)
  55. Pleat (2)
  56. Space (7)
  57. Tatra (7)
  58. Wine Culture (6)
  59. Bar Culture (5)
  1. Clear (19)
  1. Glass (19)

  1. storm lantern
    storm lantern
    A classic handmade storm lantern, its attractive conical design opening upwards to the light, stable on its wide foot. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging. A corresponding candle is included.
  2. tealight holder
    tealight holder
    A small, classic, handmade tealight holder designed to enhance your home and garden. Comes gift-boxed and ready-supplied with its own tealight candle.
  3. Serving Set
    Serving Set
    This set of four hollow stem flutes and complementary prosecco bucket is ideal for entertaining or as a gift. A thread of clear glass encircling the base adds a stylish detail to each of the handmade flutes. Each set is presented in photographic packaging.
  4. Grand Serving Set
    Grand Serving Set
    An ideal gift or centrepiece at a party, this set includes a bucket for chilling prosecco, a segmented dish for serving nibbles or fresh berries and six hollow-stemmed flutes - each hand-decorated with spiral of clear glass. Presented in photographic packaging.
  5. flared storm lantern
    flared storm lantern
    A classic handmade storm lantern designed to enhance your home or garden. This attractive conical design with flared contours opens upwards to the light, stable on its wide foot. Gift boxed, with corresponding candle.
  6. bowl/candleholder
    With its diameter of 35cms, enjoy arranging a cluster of candles in this mouthblown bowl to create a relaxed ambience. Use also for food or floral displays year-round.
  7. cocktail glass x 2
    cocktail glass x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic cocktail glasses, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a hint of retro decadence and modern-day glamour to the cocktail hour.
  8. Grand Serving Set
    Grand Serving Set
    A luxurious champagne serving set that is suitable for 12. Featuring Moya's characteristically thick base and weighty stem, the handmade champagne flutes and dual champagne bucket are ideal for grand celebrations or as a special gift.
  9. wine glass x 2
    wine glass x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern wine glasses, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a hint of decadence to any table setting or social event.
  10. Dual Champagne Bucket
    Dual Champagne Bucket
    This mouthblown dual champagne bucket joins our bestselling Moya range. Featuring the collection's signature heavy weight and modern, timeless design, this handmade piece has elegant proportions. Can hold one or two bottles.
  11. tumbler x 2
    tumbler x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern tumblers, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a touch of decadence to any table setting and social event.
  12. Wine Balloon Glass X 2
    Wine Balloon Glass X 2
    This handmade wine balloon glass joins our bestselling Moya collection, characterised by its distinctive weight and modern, timeless design. Designed with a generous flattened bowl, this mouthblown glass is ideal for all occasions.
  13. liqueur glass x 2
    liqueur glass x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern liqueur glasses, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a hint of decadence to any table setting or social event.
  14. tealight holder
    tealight holder
    A simple and elegant tealight holder from the best-selling Column collection made of mouthblown glass suitable for any table. Candle is included.
  15. champagne flute x 2
    champagne flute x 2
    A distinctive and modern handmade and mouthblown champagne flute, with a tapered waist that flares out to a pleasingly weighty base. Gift-boxed in pairs.
  16. Champagne Serving Set
    Champagne Serving Set
    This sumptuous champagne serving set for six is suitable for grand celebrations and special gift occasions. The handmade champagne flutes have Moya's characteristically weighty stem and thick base. The mouthblown champagne bucket completes the set.
  17. highball x 2
    highball x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern highballs, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a hint of decadence to any table setting or social event.
  18. Decanter
    Bestselling Moya is enhanced with the addition of this handmade decanter, characterised by the collection's modern, timeless design and distinctive weight. Designed with a hand-ground stopper and an elegantly curved shape.
  19. jug
    A notable mouthblown jug that, aided by its large hand-applied handle, has the weight and thickness synonymous with pure quality. Elegantly gift-boxed too.
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