Handpainted lustre, gold rims, assorted pastel and pearl finishes - refresh your home for Spring with delicate iridescence.

  1. Assorted (4)
  2. Blue (4)
  3. Green (5)
  4. Metallic (1)
  5. Pearl (10)
  6. Pink (5)
  7. Yellow (5)
  1. Polka (4)
  1. Glass (4)

  1. tumbler x 4
    tumbler x 4
    With a hand-painted pearl lustre that gently catches the light these stylish tumblers in four assorted pastel colours ooze vintage elegance. Gift-boxed.
  2. wine glass x 4
    wine glass x 4
    With an illuminating hand-applied pearl lustre and luxurious vintage-inspired pastel colours these wine glasses are sure to be the talk of the party. Gift-boxed.
  3. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    Handpainted by skilled artisans with iridescent lustres in blue, green, yellow and pink, this assorted set is designed for cocktail parties or desserts and sorbets at dinner. Gift boxed in a set of four.
  4. champagne flute x 4
    champagne flute x 4
    Shimmering pastel colours and an elegant hand-applied pearl lustre give these champagne flutes and air of sophisticated vintage glamour. Gift-boxed.
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