This week we shared the news about our upcoming 'Greenhouse' event, held as part of designjunction during London Design Week. It's an immersive concept created to showcase and celebrate our heritage of sustainable design - which has underpinned this year's launch of our 100% recycled glass CANOPY collection, created in partnership with The Eden Project. We're also looking to extend this celebration by hearing from you, our customer.

For LSA International, sustainable design is a long-term ethos of which we're incredibly proud. From an intricately crafted flute to the most towering vase, each of our products is made with design integrity and specialist craft. We are dedicated to ensuring every item we create becomes a beautiful and integral part of both your special landmarks and your practical, day-to-day living.

As part of our celebration of this ethos we'd love to learn if our products have played a part in any of your special moments over the years. Whether it's a 50th wedding anniversary or breakfast with a friend - if your memories feature any of our products we'd love you to share them with us.

In return, we'll be inviting the winning entries to join the LSA Tribe, a group of hand-selected customers who will be the first to preview our latest collections on Instagram. To begin with, we'll be giving away items from the CANOPY collection.

If you'd like to join the LSA Tribe and receive products from our new collections at no cost, enter our Instagram competition in just three steps:

1. Take a photo of your favourite LSA International product (or products) in your home.

2. In the caption, share a memory these products were part of. This could be anything from engagement flowers you displayed in one of our vases to the mug you use every morning for your coffee.

3. Tag us on Instagram using @lsainternational AND #LivingbyLSA

The author of the best shots and stories will join part of a very exciting digital community. Terms and conditions apply. 

You can follow the journeys of our current #LivingbyLSA Tribe for inspiration:






Terms and Conditions:

1. All #LivingbyLSA Tribe members must be based in the UK

2. Tribe members must be over 18

3. The competition will take place on a monthly rolling basis. Winners will be announced on the last Friday of every month

4. Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM

5. As part of the Tribe, you agree to let LSA share your image on their Instagram feed