Characterised by angular forms with clean lines, Otis has a minimal, modernist aesthetic. Gift boxed in sets of four, the geometric shapes offer contemporary presentation for wine, water, champagne and cocktails.

  1. Clear (5)
  1. Glass (5)

  1. Champagne Flute x 4
    Champagne Flute x 4
    The geometric shape of these handmade cylindrical flutes offers contemporary presentation for champagne or prosecco.
  2. Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4
    The angular, cylindrical design of these handmade glasses have a modern aesthetic, ideal for serving cocktails, champagne or desserts.
  3. Red Wine Glass x 4
    Red Wine Glass x 4
    Hand-drawn stems elevate the straight-sided, cylindrical bowls of these glasses. The geomteric shape offers contemporary presentation for wine or desserts.
  4. Tumbler x 4
    Tumbler x 4
    The cylindrical shape of these mouthblown tumblers offers contemporary presentation for water, mixed drinks or spirits.
  5. White Wine Glass x 4
    White Wine Glass x 4
    A pair of angular wine glasses with a minimal, modernist design. Hand drawn stems elevate straight sided, cylindrical bowls. The geometric shape offers contemporary presentation for entertaining.
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