Meaning ‘lively water’ in ancient Gaelic, whisky has been distilled for hundreds of years. Echoing these time-honoured traditions, this collection of drinkware has been expertly mouthblown using centuries-old techniques. From peaty island malts to floral highland blends, the regional differences so characteristic of whisky are represented in the collection’s range of shapes and names. Presented with solid walnut accessories which echo the maturation of fine single malts in aged wooden casks, each piece is presented in premium, bespoke packaging to make an ideal gift for whisky connoisseurs. 

The collection makes a fine addition to any drinks cabinet and is ideal for serving a neat pour or one of our original whisky cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist.

  1. Clear (11)
  2. Wood (10)
  1. Whisky (11)

  1. arran decanter & walnut base
  2. renfrew decanter & walnut base
  3. islay connoisseur set
    islay connoisseur set
    1L, 250ml
  4. islay whisky set
    islay whisky set
    1L, 250ml
  5. islay jug & walnut coaster
    islay jug & walnut coaster
  6. islay nosing glass & glass cover x 2
  7. islay mixer glass & walnut coaster x 2
  8. islay shot glass & walnut coaster x 2
  9. islay tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
  10. arran tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
  11. renfrew tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
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