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Earth Day: Simple Steps for a Sustainable Future

6 minute read

Earth Day presents an important, timely reminder of our collective responsibility as inhabitants of the earth. It's a catalyst for a global environmental movement, strengthening our respect for the planet while fostering a more sustainable mindset. An opportunity to connect with and protect the environment by making more mindful choices today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

The urgency of addressing plastic pollution demands a concerted global effort. This year's theme for Earth Day, "Planet vs. Plastics", aims to illuminate the health concerns associated with plastic use and advocate for responsible solutions. Progress, not perfection, is key: we acknowledge there's no quick fix, but our actions can pave the way for us all to live as a community in greater harmony with nature.

Here we share some practical advice from The Source, a local zero-waste refillery store near our Richmond hub, and long-term collaborators the Eden Project, an educational environmental charity, on ways to reduce single-use plastics and minimise your environmental impact. Simple, small, achievable changes to daily habits that can significantly contribute to a more sustainable future.