For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Aurelia (7)
  2. Bar (27)
  3. Basis (2)
  4. Boris (2)
  5. City (3)
  6. Dine (4)
  7. Elina (4)
  8. Flask (1)
  9. Flower (5)
  10. Ivalo (12)
  11. Julia (1)
  12. Lotta (6)
  13. Lulu (5)
  14. Madrid (6)
  15. Moya (10)
  16. Ono (5)
  17. Paddle (8)
  18. Pyramid (1)
  19. Quad (1)
  20. Sergio (1)
  21. Serve (19)
  22. Vienna (3)
  23. Whisky (11)
  24. Wine (17)
  25. Column (3)
  26. Savoy (3)
  27. Celebrate (1)
  28. Utility (1)
  29. Deco (3)
  30. Prosecco (2)
  31. Balloon (2)
  32. Gin (11)
  33. Wine Culture (5)
  34. Mixologist (9)
  35. Bar Culture (5)
  36. Gio Line (2)
  1. Black (1)
  2. Blue (1)
  3. Brown (1)
  4. Clear (10)
  5. Green (1)
  6. Purple (1)
  7. White (14)
  8. Wood (4)

  1. oak toast rack set
    oak toast rack set
    This hand-finished, gift-boxed, oak toast rack set allows you to serve all kinds of artisan breads in style with two condiment dishes for butter and your favourite preserves.
  2. champagne flute x 4
    champagne flute x 4
    Gift-boxed in sets of 4, and skilfully handmade, these textured champagne flutes are ideal for celebrating and gift-giving.
  3. tumbler x 4
    tumbler x 4
    A gentle optic effect makes Aurelia an elegant addition to any table. Fill with water, dim the lights and watch the light bounce beautifully off the glass. Presented gift-boxed in a set of four.
  4. jug
    With long elegant straight sides, gently curved rims and a pleasingly substantial weight, this contemporary jug will serve the thirsty hordes in style.
  5. Balloon Glass X 4
    Balloon Glass X 4
    A versatile balloon glass suitable for wine, gin, water and a range of other drinks. The distinctive optic effect of the Aurelia collection and hand drawn stem can be produced by only the most skilled artisans. A piece to be enjoyed at any occasion.
  6. tiered cakestand
    tiered cakestand
    Combining porcelain and untreated oak, this original cakestand is a sophisticated take on a classic design. Presented in luxurious, high quality gift packaging.
  7. carafe
    This carafe will be the talk of the table, with its skilfully handmade curves and textured optic effect. Gift-boxed to make a special present.
  8. butter dish & lid
    butter dish & lid
    The natural oak lid, with smooth edges and soft grain, complements the white porcelain base to create a stylish addition to breakfast, lunch or supper. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  9. red wine glass x 4
    red wine glass x 4
    With delicately textured glass, Aurelia is perfect for celebrations. Why not combine this red wine glass with the white wine glass for a complete setting? Presented in luxurious gift packaging.
  10. jug
    This mouthblown jug is simple yet exceptionally versatile. Serve water or juice at the dining table or mix drinks for cocktail hour.
  11. Grand Champagne Flute X 2
    Grand Champagne Flute X 2
    The signature optic effect of the Aurelia grand champagne flute is enhanced by the reflective qualities of mouthblown glass. The hand drawn stems and fine lines can be produced by only the most skilled artisans, making these flutes ideal for the most special of occasions.
  12. decanter
    A fine example of mouthblown glass, the Quad decanter with its hand ground stopper makes a confident and original statement and presents as a valuable gift.
  13. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    The timeless design of these tall-stemmed champagne saucers is enhanced by Aurelia's signature optic effect. The collection's fine lines and delicate balance can be produced by only the most skilled artisans. Gift boxed in sets of four.
  14. bowl & oak servers
    bowl & oak servers
    The perfect blend of style and function, this generously proportioned bowl is accompanied by hand-finished oak servers, and presented in stylish gift packaging.
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