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For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Asher (1)
  2. Aurelia (8)
  3. Bar (31)
  4. Basis (3)
  5. Boris (4)
  6. Bullet (1)
  7. City (3)
  8. Dine (15)
  9. Elina (4)
  10. Flask (1)
  11. Flower (6)
  12. Gio (3)
  13. Ivalo (13)
  14. Jazz (3)
  15. Klara (1)
  16. Lotta (9)
  17. Lulu (5)
  18. Madrid (6)
  19. Mia (2)
  20. Moya (12)
  21. Ono (5)
  22. Paddle (10)
  23. Polka (7)
  24. Pyramid (1)
  25. Quad (1)
  26. Sergio (1)
  27. Serve (20)
  28. Vienna (3)
  29. Whisky (12)
  30. Wine (20)
  31. Column (3)
  32. Savoy (5)
  33. Celebrate (1)
  34. Circle (1)
  35. Modular (1)
  36. Otis (4)
  37. Utility (2)
  38. Deco (8)
  39. Pearl (2)
  40. Prosecco (2)
  41. Balloon (2)
  42. Gin (13)
  43. Sorbet (3)
  44. Bangle (2)
  45. Pleat (3)
  46. Space (8)
  47. Tatra (5)
  48. Wine Culture (4)
  49. Mixologist (11)
  50. Bar Culture (5)
  51. Whisky Cut (4)
  1. Assorted (4)
  2. Black (3)
  3. Clear (31)
  4. Gold (9)
  5. Green (2)
  6. Grey (1)
  7. Metallic (1)
  8. Pink (2)
  9. Purple (2)
  10. Wood (5)

  1. Multi Platter
    Multi Platter
    A segmented circular platter with four large compartments around the edge, for crudites, antipasti or bread, and two segments in the middle for dips or sauces. This handmade clear glass platter sits alongside other pieces in the Serve collection, designed for all occasions. Gift boxed in high quality photographic packaging.
  2. Multi Dish
    Multi Dish
    A handmade circular dish with four compartments. This versatile dish is ideal for serving nuts, olives, dips or a selction of chocolates after dinner. Handmade by skilled glass artisans, it complements the extensive range of platters and dishes in the Serve collection, designed for all occasions. Packaged in a photographic gift box.
  3. Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Sitting on a wooden base, this tapas set includes seven mouthblown glass beakers of varying heights and sizes. Each one has a hand-formed spout for pouring sauces and oils or serving hors d’oeuvres and tapas.
  4. cheese set & oak base
    cheese set & oak base
    A generously proportioned oak base, with subtle indentations to hold the mouthblown glass dome and serving bowl, is perfect for serving cheeses, crackers and chutneys. Elegantly gift-boxed.
  5. circle dish
    circle dish
    Simple and practical, the smaller compartment of this dish is ideal for containing cocktail sticks for olives or fruit served in the neighbouring compartment. Gift-boxed.
  6. Wine Goblet x 8
    Wine Goblet x 8
    This assortment of eight wine goblets is embellished with bands of gold for a modern twist on the glamorous metallic finishes of Art Deco. Suitable for special occasion dining and cocktail parties, the set makes an ideal gift for the host.
  7. Espresso Cup & Saucer x 8
    Espresso Cup & Saucer x 8
    This assorted set of eight espresso cups and saucers is inspired by the glamorous Art Deco movement of the early 20th century. White porcelain is embellished with assorted bands of gold for a modern take on luxurious metallics - ideal for brunch or dinner parties.
  8. Balloon Glass X 2
    Balloon Glass X 2
    Inspired by the form of a polished bangle, each balloon glass is handpainted with a linear golden band between two subtle lustres. A modern combination of metallic finishes for sophisticated entertaining.
  9. Champagne Flute x 8
    Champagne Flute x 8
    Inspired by the glamourous metallic finishes of Art Deco, this assorted set of eight champagne flutes is embellished with bold metallic designs. Ideal for parties or as a gift for the entertainer.
  10. Soup/Pasta Bowl x 4
    Soup/Pasta Bowl x 4
    An assorted set of porcelain bowls embellished with Deco's signature mix of eclectic décors – a modern twist on the linear motifs and glamorous metallic finishes of Art Deco. Packaged in a set of four.
  11. Red Wine Glass x 4
    Red Wine Glass x 4
    Hand-drawn stems elevate the straight-sided, cylindrical bowls of these glasses. The geomteric shape offers contemporary presentation for wine or desserts.
  12. Teapot
    A sophisticated porcelain teapot embellished with Deco's signature gold décor. A contemporary twist on the linear motifs and glamorous metallic finishes of Art Deco.
  13. Champagne Flute x 4
    Champagne Flute x 4
    The geometric shape of these handmade cylindrical flutes offers contemporary presentation for champagne or prosecco.
  14. Tumbler x 8
    Tumbler x 8
    A modern twist on Art Deco, these eight tumblers are embellished with assorted linear motifs and glamourous metallic finishes. Ideal for serving mixed drinks, starters or sorbets at parties.
  15. Champagne Saucer x 8
    Champagne Saucer x 8
    Embellished with assorted metallic motifs, this assorted set of champagne saucers is inspired by the glamour of Art Deco. Ideal for serving champagne, cocktails or desserts parties or as a gift for the entertainer.
  16. Oil & Vinegar Set & Oak Base
    Oil & Vinegar Set & Oak Base
    For serving oil, vinegar and vinaigrettes at the table, this set includes two mouthblown glass bottles with wooden stoppers and base made from solid, sustainably-sourced oak. Coordinate with the Serve or Dine bowl to create a set for salads.
  17. Tumbler x 2
    Tumbler x 2
    Handpainted between two subtle lustres, a linear golden band encircles each tumbler - taking inspiration from the form of a polished bangle. Combine with other drinkware from the Bangle collection for sophisticated entertaining.
  18. White Wine Glass x 4
    White Wine Glass x 4
    A pair of angular wine glasses with a minimal, modernist design. Hand drawn stems elevate straight sided, cylindrical bowls. The geometric shape offers contemporary presentation for entertaining.
  19. Dinner Plate x 4
    Dinner Plate x 4
    These porcelain plates are embellished with an eclectic mix of décors, inspired by a modern twist on the linear motifs and glamorous metallic finishes of Art Deco. Packaged in an assorted set of four.
  20. Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4
    The angular, cylindrical design of these handmade glasses have a modern aesthetic, ideal for serving cocktails, champagne or desserts.
  21. tumbler x 4
    tumbler x 4
    Handmade and mouthblown, this gift-boxed collection of tumblers with lively assorted decors adds a flourish to any occasion and makes an ideal present.
  22. punch bowl & ladle
    punch bowl & ladle
    Beautifully handmade, this classic, footed punch bowl and ladle make a wonderful present in their giftbox. Try also the punch cups to match.
  23. circle platter
    circle platter
    Make a bold statement with this generous platter. Fill the central section with sauces and surround it with whatever takes your fancy ? juicy prawns, summer berries or mounds of crudit?s.
  24. low comport
    low comport
    This generous handmade, scissor-cut comport can be presented with seasonal fruit and nuts in winter or brim-full in summer with sugar-dusted berries. Presented giftboxed.
  25. honey pot & dipper
    honey pot & dipper
    Drizzle golden honey from this mouthblown glass honeypot with its hand-finished natural oak dipper, presented in beautiful gift packaging.
  26. decanter
    A fine example of mouthblown glass, the Quad decanter with its hand ground stopper makes a confident and original statement and presents as a valuable gift.
  27. trio platter
    trio platter
    L29cm W14.5cm
    For those who like entertaining at home, the Trio platter has three equally sized compartments for serving a range of dishes from finger foods to sushi or petit fours. Gift-boxed.
  28. dessert comport
    dessert comport
    With its elegant wide bowl and footed base, this handmade comport is gift-boxed and ideal for serving winter and summer desserts and presenting seasonal fruits.
  29. highball x 4
    highball x 4
    Ideal for entertaining and parties - featuring lively hand-applied assorted decors in this ever-popular mouthblown and gift-boxed collection.
  30. square platter
    square platter
    L23cm W23cm
    Smaller than the Trio Platter, the Trio Dish is the perfect choice for welcoming snacks like nuts and olives or dates and chocolates at the end of a meal. Gift-boxed.
  31. comport & lid
    comport & lid
    With its timeless design, this handmade comport is a perfect way to display foods like candied fruits, wrapped biscuits or a selection of the most decadent chocolates.
  32. plate & dome
    plate & dome
    Practical and attractive, this contemporary plate and dome takes care of cakes and cheeses alike while the main course is in full swing. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  33. low bowl
    low bowl
    An attractive and practical everyday bowl for a wide array of foods this handmade low bowl makes for a contemporary table setting. Presented in giftboxed.
  34. bonbon jar
    bonbon jar
    This generously-sized gift-boxed bonbon jar is ideal for use on a kitchen worktop filled with sweet treats, or on a sideboard filled with decorative objects.
  35. dish & cover
    dish & cover
    The perfect size to accommodate butter, pate or soft cheeses, this small dish is supremely versatile and effortlessly stylish. Gift-boxed.
  36. champagne flute x 4
    champagne flute x 4
    Jazz up your party with these champagne flutes. Each mouth-blown glass in the gift-boxed set of four features a unique hand-applied decorative pattern.
  37. stand & dome
    stand & dome
    Pack this elegant handmade glass dome with sweet or savoury delicacies like turkish delight, truffles, or lemon bonbons towered high. Stylishly gift-boxed.
  38. condiment set & oak base
    condiment set & oak base
    This set is designed to offer exceptional presentation for both sweet and savoury condiments. Three mouthblown glass dishes are nestled in a sustainably sourced oak base. Each dish has its own mini serving spoon, handmade from a single piece of glass. Each set is gift boxed in photographic packaging.
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