For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Basis (1)
  2. Paddle (2)
  3. Polka (4)
  4. Deco (5)
  5. Gin (1)
  1. Assorted (10)
  2. Black (3)
  3. Blue (7)
  4. Bronze (4)
  5. Brown (3)
  6. Clear (187)
  7. Clear/cut (4)
  8. Clear/wood (1)
  9. Copper (5)
  10. Gold (10)
  11. Green (7)
  12. Leather (2)
  13. Pearl (2)
  14. Pink (7)
  15. Platinum (8)
  16. Purple (2)
  17. Recycled (2)
  18. Red (1)
  19. White (16)
  20. Wood (51)
  21. Yellow (5)

  1. Balloon Glass x 2
    Balloon Glass x 2
    A pair of gin balloon glasses with subtly flared, handpainted stems in copper, gold or platinum. The goblet has a wide flattened bowl to enhance the aroma of the spirit?s delicate botanicals. Combine with other pieces in the Gin collection to create a specialist bar. Presented in photographic packaging.
  2. grand vodka set & paddle
    grand vodka set & paddle
    This grand vodka set is designed for distinctive serving at drinks parties. The hand-finished natural oak board securely nestles twelve vodka glasses in assorted colours and features two handles for serving with ease.
  3. Champagne Saucer x 8
    Champagne Saucer x 8
    Embellished with assorted metallic motifs, this assorted set of champagne saucers is inspired by the glamour of Art Deco. Ideal for serving champagne, cocktails or desserts parties or as a gift for the entertainer.
  4. Wine Goblet x 8
    Wine Goblet x 8
    This assortment of eight wine goblets is embellished with bands of gold for a modern twist on the glamorous metallic finishes of Art Deco. Suitable for special occasion dining and cocktail parties, the set makes an ideal gift for the host.
  5. Espresso Cup & Saucer x 8
    Espresso Cup & Saucer x 8
    This assorted set of eight espresso cups and saucers is inspired by the glamorous Art Deco movement of the early 20th century. White porcelain is embellished with assorted bands of gold for a modern take on luxurious metallics - ideal for brunch or dinner parties.
  6. Champagne Flute x 8
    Champagne Flute x 8
    Inspired by the glamourous metallic finishes of Art Deco, this assorted set of eight champagne flutes is embellished with bold metallic designs. Ideal for parties or as a gift for the entertainer.
  7. Tumbler x 8
    Tumbler x 8
    A modern twist on Art Deco, these eight tumblers are embellished with assorted linear motifs and glamourous metallic finishes. Ideal for serving mixed drinks, starters or sorbets at parties.
  8. jug
    With long elegant straight sides, gently curved rims and a pleasingly substantial weight, this contemporary jug will serve the thirsty hordes in style. Four new colours have been added for SS17: Olive, Peacock, Amber and Heather. Combine with our matching Asher tumblers.
  9. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    Each of these champagne/cocktail saucers has been painted by hand with metallic lustres of copper, gold, bronze and zinc. Gift boxed in a set of four, this assorted set is ideal for champagne, cocktails, desserts or sorbets.
  10. vodka serving set & paddle
    vodka serving set & paddle
    The Paddle Vodka Serving Set is inspired by mountain bars in the Tirol, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially-crafted wooden trays. Twelve vodka glasses and an ice bucket are securely nestled in a solid wooden board for distinctive presentation. The paddle has a comfortable handle and solid base for serving.
  11. wine glass x 4
    wine glass x 4
    With hand-applied metallic lustre, these luxurious wine glasses instantly inject glamour into any setting. Luxuriously gift-boxed in a set of four.
  12. champagne flute x 4
    champagne flute x 4
    With hand-applied elegant metallic lustres, these sophisticated champagne glasses add on-trend glamour to any setting. Luxuriously gift-boxed in a set of four.
  13. tealight holder x 4
    tealight holder x 4
    Soft, flickering candlelight creates a warm glow illuminating the delicate hand-applied metallic lustres of these on-trend tealight holders. Presented in luxurious, high quality gift packaging.
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