For The Entertainer

For on-trend entertainers, or those that prefer classic styles, find the perfect gift for those who love to host guests. For further inspiration see Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Home, and Gifts for Foodies.

  1. Aurelia (7)
  2. Bar (28)
  3. Basis (2)
  4. Boris (3)
  5. City (3)
  6. Dine (4)
  7. Elina (3)
  8. Flask (1)
  9. Flower (6)
  10. Gio (1)
  11. Ivalo (13)
  12. Klara (1)
  13. Lotta (8)
  14. Lulu (5)
  15. Madrid (6)
  16. Moya (9)
  17. Ono (5)
  18. Paddle (6)
  19. Pyramid (1)
  20. Quad (1)
  21. Sergio (1)
  22. Serve (17)
  23. Vienna (3)
  24. Whisky (12)
  25. Wine (18)
  26. Column (3)
  27. Savoy (4)
  28. Celebrate (1)
  29. Otis (4)
  30. Utility (2)
  31. Deco (3)
  32. Prosecco (1)
  33. Balloon (2)
  34. Gin (11)
  35. Wine Culture (1)
  36. Mixologist (9)
  37. Bar Culture (5)
  38. Gio Line (2)
  1. Assorted (10)
  2. Black (2)
  3. Blue (6)
  4. Bronze (5)
  5. Brown (2)
  6. Clear (198)
  7. Clear/cut (4)
  8. Clear/wood (1)
  9. Copper (6)
  10. Gold (11)
  11. Green (6)
  12. Leather (2)
  13. Pearl (2)
  14. Pink (6)
  15. Platinum (10)
  16. Purple (2)
  17. Recycled (1)
  18. Red (1)
  19. White (16)
  20. Wood (51)
  21. Yellow (5)

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  1. Balloon Glass X 4
    Balloon Glass X 4
    A versatile balloon glass suitable for wine, gin, water and a range of other drinks. The distinctive optic effect of the Aurelia collection and hand drawn stem can be produced by only the most skilled artisans. A piece to be enjoyed at any occasion.
  2. jug
    With long elegant straight sides, gently curved rims and a pleasingly substantial weight, this contemporary jug will serve the thirsty hordes in style.
  3. butter dish & lid
    butter dish & lid
    The natural oak lid, with smooth edges and soft grain, complements the white porcelain base to create a stylish addition to breakfast, lunch or supper. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  4. container
    Use this Lotta collection container with its soft natural ash top for a stylish sideboard display, filling them with different pasta shapes, beans and multi-coloured lentils. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  5. stand & dome
    stand & dome
    Pack this elegant handmade glass dome with sweet or savoury delicacies like turkish delight, truffles, or lemon bonbons towered high. Stylishly gift-boxed.
  6. cocktail glass x 2
    cocktail glass x 2
    For Martinis and more - these handmade, mouthblown glasses are perfect for a wide range of cocktails. A set of two glasses are presented in photographic packaging.
  7. champagne flute x 2
    champagne flute x 2
    With sinuous curves and a weighty stem, these mouthblown glasses of exceptional clarity deserve their place on any stylish table setting. Gift-boxed in pairs.
  8. decanter
    A fine example of mouthblown glass, the Quad decanter with its hand ground stopper makes a confident and original statement and presents as a valuable gift.
  9. stemless white wine x 4
    stemless white wine x 4
    Sitting perfectly in your hand these stemless glasses allow you to enjoy your wine continental style, they are perfect for everyday. Giftboxed in 4's.
  10. wine balloon glass x 4
    wine balloon glass x 4
    These elegant, tall-stemmed balloon wine glasses are fit for centre stage. Handmade, gift-boxed, and with exceptional clarity, they make a wonderful gift too.
  11. Cocktail Glass x 2
    Cocktail Glass x 2

    The subtly flared stem and weighty foot add distinctive detail to this gin cocktail glass, designed with a wide bowl for enhancing the aroma of the spirit’s delicate botanicals. All pieces in this handmade collection can be combined to create a specialist gin bar.

    A contemporary design for serving the classic martini, or one of our original cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist. 

  12. mini table vase
    mini table vase
    Mouthblown and produced by skilled glass artisans, this small but weighty vase is ideal for small floral displays or pairing with other mini vases from this collection. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  13. circle platter
    circle platter
    Make a bold statement with this generous platter. Fill the central section with sauces and surround it with whatever takes your fancy ? juicy prawns, summer berries or mounds of crudit?s.
  14. red wine glass x 4
    red wine glass x 4
    With delicately textured glass, Aurelia is perfect for celebrations. Why not combine this red wine glass with the white wine glass for a complete setting? Presented in luxurious gift packaging.
  15. grand hollow stem flute x 2
    Made by only the most skilled artisans, this magnificent mouthblown champagne flute allows champagne to fill the stem of the glass beautifully showcasing its trademark bubbles. Gift-boxed in sets of two.
  16. tumbler x 2
    tumbler x 2
    Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern tumblers, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a touch of decadence to any table setting and social event.
  17. islay tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
    A pair of expertly mouthblown tumblers named after the Islay region of Scotland. Carefully balanced and anchored by a commanding heavy base, the tapered profile is designed to concentrate and enhance the aromas of fine whisky. Each tumbler is paired with a solid walnut coaster, and the set is gift boxed in premium packaging. Combine with other Whisky Islay drinkware to create a coordinated set.
  18. brandy glass x 2
    brandy glass x 2
    Luxuriously gift-wrapped in sets of two, these contemporary styled glasses make an ideal present. Carefully designed to nestle in the hand and with a luxurious heavy base they will delight any brandy drinker.
  19. Carafe & Oak Cheese Board
    Carafe & Oak Cheese Board
    This handmade carafe and oak cheese board set is ideal as a gift and for enhancing table settings at home. The mouthblown carafe is set on a wooden cheeseboard, made from FSC ® certified oak and finished with a leather toggle.
  20. vase/candleholder
    With its height of 40cms, this well proportioned vase can be used for bolder arrangements of flowers or groupings of candles.
  21. cheese/pastries dome
    cheese/pastries dome
    With its broad, soft-grained ash base and handmade glass lid, this cheese/pastry dome is ideal for mouth-watering mounds of sweet treats or a carefully chosen selection of the finest cheeses. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  22. punch bowl & ladle
    punch bowl & ladle
    Beautifully handmade, this classic, footed punch bowl and ladle make a wonderful present in their giftbox. Try also the punch cups to match.
  23. sherry glass x 4
    sherry glass x 4
    Savour your sherry in style with these elegantly curved, handmade and mouthblown glasses. Specially packaged and boxed, these make a perfect present.
  24. pilsner glass x 2
    pilsner glass x 2
    This mouthblown pilsner glass has a classic stemmed design, elegant silhouette and tapered bowl to capture the effervescent bubbles. Gift boxed in pairs they make a fine gift for beer aficionados and are suitable for entertaining or casual dining,
  25. grand vodka set & paddle
    grand vodka set & paddle
    This grand vodka set is designed for distinctive serving at drinks parties. The hand-finished natural oak board securely nestles twelve vodka glasses and features two handles for serving with ease.
  26. renfrew decanter & walnut base
    Cylindrical in form with a commanding heavy base, the Renfrew decanter is expertly mouthblown by skilled artisans and is fitted with a hand-ground stopper, shaped to match the body. Echoing the maturation of fine single malts in aged wooden casks, the Renfrew decanter sits on a solid walnut base. Whisky Renfrew tumblers are available to build a coordinating set and each decanter is presented in premium packaging.
  27. champagne flute x 4
    champagne flute x 4
    Tall and elegantly slender these attractive champagne flutes are handmade and come giftboxed to make a perfect present.
  28. Tumbler x 2
    Tumbler x 2

    Enhance the aroma of gin's delicate botanicals with this tumbler's subtly flared shape. Mix with other pieces in this handmade collection to create a specialist gin bar.

    A contemporary design for serving short gin mixes or one of our original cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist. 

  29. mini bouquet vase
    mini bouquet vase
    Individually crafted by hand from a single piece of glass, this diminutive vase is based on the larger bouquet vase from our Flower Collection. Mouthblown and produced by skilled glass artisans, this small but weighty vase is ideal for small floral displays or pairing with other mini vases from this collection. Individually gift-boxed.
  30. champagne bucket
    champagne bucket
    Thick mouth-blown glass walls, a practical heavy base, and handles made for easy lifting make this champagne bucket as practical as it is stylish. Gift-boxed.
  31. tumbler x 4
    tumbler x 4
    A gentle optic effect makes Aurelia an elegant addition to any table. Fill with water, dim the lights and watch the light bounce beautifully off the glass. Presented gift-boxed in a set of four.
  32. spirits decanter
    spirits decanter
    With thick walls, and a pleasingly substantial weight, this contemporary decanter will serve the discerning connoisseur in style.
  33. lager glass x 2
    lager glass x 2
    Savour the first sip of lager from these high-quality and handmade lager glasses which have a pleasing air of timeless good design. Elegantly gift-boxed in pairs.
  34. arran tumbler & walnut coaster x 2
    Named after the Scottish Isle of Arran, these tumblers are expertly mouthblown and hand-finished. The conical shape and carefully balanced proportions are anchored by a heavy, rounded base. Gift boxed in premium packaging, the set is accompanied by a solid walnut coasters. Create a complete set with the Whisky Arran decanter.
  35. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    These handmade glasses have an elegant wide bowl, soft rim and carefully balanced proportions. A shorter-stemmed version of our best-selling champagne saucer, suitable for casual dining and special celebrations. Each piece of stemware is wrapped in LSA International tissue paper and presented in photographic packaging.
  36. Grand Serving Set
    Grand Serving Set

    Create a specialist gin bar with this complete collection of drinkware and serveware. The set includes:

    • two cocktail glasses
    • two tumblers
    • two highballs
    • two balloon glasses
    • four porcelain garnish bowls 
    • a mouthblown glass ice bucket
    • ash wood serving stand with removable trays stand. 

    Fitted with natural leather straps, the portable, folding ash wood stand can be used for displaying the collection, serving drinks or storing bottles and bar accessories.

    A comprehensive assortment of glasses for gin & tonic or our original cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist. 

  37. dome & walnut base
    dome & walnut base
    The broad curves and slanting sides of this handmade glass dome taper towards a solid walnut base, oiled to protect the wood and enhance the texture of the grain. City domes are available in a range of sizes to build a nesting set.
  38. cakestand & cover
    cakestand & cover
    Handmade and presented with a clear-glass cover, this signature piece for significant occasions will also add some glam to any cake-fuelled gathering.
  39. low bowl
    low bowl
    An attractive and practical everyday bowl for a wide array of foods this handmade low bowl makes for a contemporary table setting. Presented in giftboxed.
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