Find everything you need to host in style. Choose from serving domes, wine glasses, lanterns, cocktail accessories - and so much more.

  1. Asher (1)
  2. Aurelia (10)
  3. Bar (27)
  4. Basis (2)
  5. Boris (6)
  6. Bullet (2)
  7. City (10)
  8. Coro (2)
  9. Dine (20)
  10. Elina (7)
  11. Flask (2)
  12. Gio (1)
  13. Ivalo (12)
  14. Jazz (5)
  15. Julia (1)
  16. Klara (3)
  17. Konstantin (1)
  18. Light (3)
  19. Light Colour (1)
  20. Lotta (5)
  21. Lulu (4)
  22. Madrid (6)
  23. Mia (5)
  24. Moya (13)
  25. Ono (4)
  26. Paddle (9)
  27. Polka (16)
  28. Pyramid (2)
  29. Quad (1)
  30. Sergio (1)
  31. Serve (26)
  32. Una (2)
  33. Verona (1)
  34. Vienna (5)
  35. Whisky (11)
  36. Wine (14)
  37. Column (1)
  38. Savoy (3)
  39. Terrace (2)
  40. Tower (1)
  41. Celebrate (1)
  42. Circle (4)
  43. Modular (2)
  44. Otis (4)
  45. Utility (3)
  46. Soho (1)
  47. Deco (11)
  48. Pearl (2)
  49. Prosecco (2)
  50. Balloon (3)
  51. Gin (12)
  52. Sorbet (1)
  53. Bangle (3)
  54. Light Metallic (1)
  55. Pleat (2)
  56. Space (7)
  57. Tatra (7)
  58. Wine Culture (5)
  59. Bar Culture (5)
  1. Amber (6)
  2. Assorted (26)
  3. Black (9)
  4. Blue (13)
  5. Bronze (10)
  6. Brown (12)
  7. Clear (231)
  8. Clear/cut (2)
  9. Clear/wood (3)
  10. Copper (7)
  11. Gold (27)
  12. Green (15)
  13. Grey (4)
  14. Leather (3)
  15. Metallic (3)
  16. Orange (8)
  17. Orange  (2)
  18. Pastel (2)
  19. Pearl (12)
  20. Pink (16)
  21. Platinum (17)
  22. Purple (14)
  23. Recycled (5)
  24. Red (4)
  25. White (30)
  26. Wood (63)
  27. Yellow (6)
  1. Glass (263)
  2. Mixed materials (69)
  3. Porcelain (43)
  4. Wood (1)

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  1. Place Setting Set
    Place Setting Set
    A three-piece place setting set, including a dinner plate, side plate and bowl. Each piece is decorated with a thick band of gold or platinum. Inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars, Space offers a modern take on metallics for special occasion dining. Combine with drinkware designs in the collection to create a cohesive tablescape. Presented in photographic packaging.
  2. Ash Board & Leather Toggle Radius
    A modern ash board with a hand-knotted leather toggle for hanging up and displaying the item when not in use. Create a cheese board, cut up charcuterie or bread or arrange canap?s on this versatile serving piece. Pair with other pieces in the Ivalo collection to create a cohesive, contemporary tabletop. Presented in photographic packaging.
  3. Gin Balloon Glass x 2
    Gin Balloon Glass x 2
    A pair of balloon glasses decorated with sophisticated patterns of cuts inspired by the ocean. These generously-proportioned, versatile goblets are ideal for serving gin and tonic as well as other ap?ritifs and cocktails. Made from dishwasher safe glass and presented in photographic packaging.
  4. Bowl & Walnut Base
    Bowl & Walnut Base
    Serve fruit, salad or desserts in this large mouthblown glass bowl set on a solid walnut base. This contemporary bowl would make a statement on your table or sideboard, or serve as a contemporary gift for the home. Presented in photographic packaging.
  5. Wine Glass x 2
    Wine Glass x 2
    A pair of handmade wine glasses with stepped conical bowls handpainted in gold or platinum. The Space collection is inspired by planets, rockets and clusters of stars. Combine with other pieces in the range of modern metallics to create a sophisticated setting for dining and drinks. Presented in photographic packaging.
  6. Ash Stand & Dome
    Ash Stand & Dome
    Displaying cheese, pastries, cakes or breads under this wide glass dome from the contemporary Ivalo collection. This handmade dome sits on a natural ash stand, made from sustainably sourced wood, and has a natural leather toggle threaded through the top and knotted by hand. Presented in photographic packaging.
  7. Balloon Glass x 2
    Balloon Glass x 2

    The thick foot and subtly flared stem add distinctive detail to this gin balloon glass. Mouthblown by skilled artisans, it is designed with a wide bowl that will enhance the scent of gin's delicate botanicals. Mix with other pieces in this handmade collection to create a specialist gin bar.

    A contemporary shape for gin & tonic or for one of our original cocktail recipes - exclusively developed by our master mixologist. 

  8. Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4
    Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4
    Inspired by the folk traditions of woodworking, this assorted set of four champagne/cocktail glasses is hand-cut with contrasting patterns at the base. Thick stems and clean, angular lines complement the graphic motif of hand-cut decoration - ideal for adding a contemporary touch to celebrations.
  9. dome & walnut base
    dome & walnut base
    The broad curves and slanting sides of this handmade glass dome taper towards a solid walnut base, oiled to protect the wood and enhance the texture of the grain. City domes are available in a range of sizes to build a nesting set.
  10. Ash Board & Leather Toggle Point
    Serve cheese and charcuterie, canap?s or bread on this natural ash board. Hang from its hand knotted leather toggle to display the the mixed material design when not in use. Presented in photographic packaging.
  11. White Wine Glass x 4
    White Wine Glass x 4
    A pair of angular wine glasses with a minimal, modernist design. Hand drawn stems elevate straight sided, cylindrical bowls. The geometric shape offers contemporary presentation for entertaining.
  12. Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Tapas Set & Oak Base
    Sitting on a wooden base, this tapas set includes seven mouthblown glass beakers of varying heights and sizes. Each one has a hand-formed spout for pouring sauces and oils or serving hors d’oeuvres and tapas.
  13. Dome & Walnut Stand
    Dome & Walnut Stand
    A tapered mouthblown glass dome with thick disc handle, set on a wooden base made from solid walnut. Ideal for serving cake, petits fours, bread or cheese. Use alongside other pieces in the City Collection for a contemporary tabletop display. Presented in photographic packaging.
  14. martini glass x 4
    martini glass x 4
    Whether shaken or stirred, our elegantly shaped martini glasses are luxuriously handmade, ideal for the classic cocktail. Gift-boxed in sets of four.
  15. plate & dome
    plate & dome
    Practical and attractive, this contemporary plate and dome takes care of cakes and cheeses alike while the main course is in full swing. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  16. jug
    The Ono jug's signature curves and hole are created by artisans who expertly mould the glass whilst it's still hot. The mouthblown jug's sculptural form is accentuated when filled with coloured drinks and is comfortable to hold and use. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  17. vodka set & paddle
    vodka set & paddle
    length: 40cm
    Inspired by mountain bars in the Tyrol, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially-crafted wooden trays, this vodka set is designed to add an extra element of fun and style to social occasions. The hand-finished oak board creates a relaxed and organic feel, whilst securely nestling the vodka glasses for serving. Each glass is wrapped in LSA International tissue and the set is presented in limited-edition gift packaging, complete with hand-tied ribbon and swing tag.
  18. cheese/pastries dome
    cheese/pastries dome
    With its broad, soft-grained ash base and handmade glass lid, this cheese/pastry dome is ideal for mouth-watering mounds of sweet treats or a carefully chosen selection of the finest cheeses. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  19. champagne saucer x 4
    champagne saucer x 4
    Party in style with these beautiful, handmade champagne saucers. A favourite on gift lists, each set of four glasses is wrapped in LSA International tissue and gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  20. lager glass x 4
    lager glass x 4
    Handmade and mouthblown this classic curved design is perfect for enjoying a beer with friends. These come specially packaged and boxed.
  21. serving platter
    serving platter
    Savour arranging a variety of foods on this statement serving platter. Use for cheese, accompanied by walnuts or a pile of warm pitta bread served with a selection of fragrant Middle Eastern dips. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  22. red wine goblet x 4
    red wine goblet x 4
    These magnificently generous, tall-stemmed wine goblets are fit for centre stage. Handmade, and with exceptional clarity, they make a wonderful gift.
  23. wine carafe
    wine carafe
    This classically designed, mouthblown carafe is the perfect size for decanting and pouring your favourite wine into any of the collection's wine glasses.
  24. circle dish
    circle dish
    Simple and practical, the smaller compartment of this dish is ideal for containing cocktail sticks for olives or fruit served in the neighbouring compartment. Gift-boxed.
  25. bowl & walnut lid
    bowl & walnut lid
    A contemporary mouthblown bowl with a solid walnut lid, oiled to enhance the natural texture of the grain. Fill with seasonal fruits or colourful sweets, store scented soaps or use to serve salads or layered desserts. Available in a range of sizes, City bowls can be placed inside one another to build a nesting set.
  26. islay connoisseur set
    islay connoisseur set
    1L, 250ml
    Designed for the whisky connoisseur, this set combines a series of handmade pieces with clean, contemporary lines for a modern interpretation of traditional whisky drinkware. Tumblers, a jug and decanter have tapered shapes and commanding heavy bases. Handmade covers accompany the nosing glasses for specialist tasting. The set includes hand-finished, solid walnut accessories, echoing the maturation of single malts in aged wooden casks. The set is presented in luxury, premium packaging to make an exceptional gift for discerning whisky drinkers.
  27. oval platter
    oval platter
    L32cm W23cm
    From starters to share, fresh salads with a main course or desserts at the meal's close, these oval porcelain platters will allow endless possibilities for presenting your favourite dishes. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  28. condiment set & oak base
    condiment set & oak base
    This set is designed to offer exceptional presentation for both sweet and savoury condiments. Three mouthblown glass dishes are nestled in a sustainably sourced oak base. Each dish has its own mini serving spoon, handmade from a single piece of glass. Each set is gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  29. tall comport
    tall comport
    This tall comport looks wonderful when filled with layered trifle or winter compote. An impressive centrepiece, the comport is wrapped in LSA International tissue and Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging.
  30. water/wine serving set
    water/wine serving set
    The Paddle Water/Wine serving set is designed for serving wine or water at parties or at the dinner table. Six stemless glasses nestle in the hand-finished natural oak board. A specially-crafted indent in the centre of the paddle holds a bottle in place for contemporary serving throughout the year. Presented in photographic packaging.
  31. ice bucket
    ice bucket
    Clear glass and clean design - combined to perfection. With soft-curving rims and integral handles only possible with handmade production.
  32. bowl & oak servers
    bowl & oak servers
    The perfect blend of style and function, this generously proportioned bowl is accompanied by hand-finished oak servers, and presented in stylish gift packaging.
  33. sauce boat & stand
    sauce boat & stand
    Enjoy the timeless appeal of this white porcelain sauce boat and natural oak stand each time you serve sweet or savoury sauces. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  34. storm lantern
    storm lantern
    A classic handmade storm lantern, its attractive conical design opening upwards to the light, stable on its wide foot. Individually gift boxed in photographic packaging. A corresponding candle is included.
  35. olive set
    olive set
    Serve a selection of hors d'oeuvres elegantly with three porcelain pots nestled in a soft-grained ash base filled perhaps with olives, bread sticks, hummus or creamy Middle Eastern aubergine dips. Luxuriously gift-boxed.
  36. tapas set & oak paddle
    tapas set & oak paddle
    The Paddle Tapas Set is designed for serving tapas or antipasti at drinks parties or at the dinner table. Seven high-quality porcelain dishes nestle in the hand-finished natural oak board for contemporary presentation throughout the year. Presented in photographic packaging.
  37. tealight holder x 4
    tealight holder x 4
    Soft, flickering candlelight creates a warm glow illuminating the delicate hand-applied pearl lustre of these vintage-inspired tealight holders. Gift-boxed.
  38. brandy glass x 2
    brandy glass x 2
    A handmade, mouthblown classic design with a generous bowl to swirl and savour a late-night brandy. Comes boxed and specially packaged.
  39. tealight holder
    tealight holder
    A small, classic, handmade tealight holder designed to enhance your home and garden. Comes gift-boxed and ready-supplied with its own tealight candle.
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