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Furniture for the People: An Interview with Henry Tadros, Chairman of ercol

15 minute read

ercol furniture has been a quiet fixture in British homes for over a century. Synonymous with timeless design and solid timber craftsmanship, the company was founded in the 1920s by Italian designer, Lucian R Ercolani, on the principle of furniture being made by the people, for the people. In an era where constant newness and rapid manufacturing are commonplace, ercol is doing things differently – which means doing things the same way it always has: combining the best of traditional techniques with modern innovation to create beautiful, relevant furniture with integrity.

With a seminal legacy that spans over 100 years and countless iconic designs – among them the Butterfly chair and the Pebble nesting tables – you would be forgiven for thinking ercol might be resting on its laurels. But the brand continues to look forward. We speak with Henry Tadros, great grandson of Lucian Ercolani and the fourth generation chairman of ercol, to explore the brand’s future: how ercol respects and preserves its heritage while building a family company where quality, sustainability and British manufacturing continue to go hand-in-hand.

Chairman of ercol, Henry Tadros